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Head of General Accounting and Accounting Policy


Job typePermanent



Experience7 Years

IndustryFinance & Banking

Job Responsibilities

1. Accountant

  • Planning the accounting, construction and system design to ensure accurate accounting, control, timely and optimal resources

2. Report

  • Responsible for implementing and developing the system and processes for making financial statements, statistics and other reports to the authorities and the management, ensuring the logic and consistency in reporting system, compliance with national and international accounting standards and the law
  • Implement control and take responsibility for the completeness, accuracy and timeliness of the reports

3. Advisory

  • Consult for Board of Director and the units about the accounting regime as well as changes of the regime from time to time in business activities
  • Proposals, recommendations on operation, system for units to ensure compliance with policies and optimize taxes / costs

4. Develop policies and procedures

  • Initiating and promoting the development of new financial and accounting policies including VAS and IFRS
  • Develop and plan the system of financial policies, accounting, accounting instructions to ensure the accounting data is recorded fully accurate, fast, and compliant

5. Managing partners

  • Interacting with the General Director / Executive Board on behalf of the Division Director in consulting and presenting financial and accounting policies
  • Interact with authorities, auditing on issues related to financial statements, statistics and financial accounting

6. Human Development

  • Managing and leading a room of about 20 people with the positions of experts, experts and head of the department
  • Conduct training in professional skills, skills, career development orientation of managers to ensure inheritance in the organization

Experience requirements

1. Relevant experience

  • Over 5 years of experience working in the field of finance and accounting
  • Minimum of 2 years working experience in credit institutions

2. Expert knowledge

  • Have a deep understanding of the financial and accounting policies, VAS and IFRS accounting standards
  • Knowledge of legal documents related to credit institutions and business activities, banking products and services
  • Understanding core banking T24, SAP is an advantage
  • Knowledge of capital markets, currency exchange, accounting and management of banks

3. Skills

  • Ability to work well with systems, data, big data
  • Ability to organize work and manage, arrange scientific work
  • Ability to communicate, negotiate and persuade well
  • The ability to synthesize, analyze and evaluate problems, apply policies to advise and advise
  • Able to work and communicate in English

4. Other requirements

  • Honest, high sense of responsibility at work
  • Take the initiative in researching and applying technological methods at work

Education requirements

  • Bachelor of Accounting, Finance, Banking
  • Prefer ACCA, CPA, CFA, and other professional qualifications

If you are ready to join this exciting opportunity, please contact Mrs. Linh Tran at +84 91 494 3383 or for immediate consideration

Contact Person

  •   Linh Tran
  •  Adecco