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Preventive Maintenance Supervisor

LocationLong An

Job typePermanent

Salary200,000,000-260,000,000 (VND)


Experience0 Years

IndustryFood & Beverage

Job Responsibilities

  • Ensure all machineries and equipment are in good condition, perform at highest efficiency and zero production impact due to equipment breakdown by developing -> implementing -> maintaining -> improving the Effective Preventive Maintenance program and enhancing PM Capability of the team in a safe way.
  • Responsible for the assurance of people and machine safety compliance in all PM activities.
  • Responsible for safety behaviors of own and the involved technician team members.
  • Responsible for developing the PM procedure, implementing and maintaining the PM, PDM program to minimize the production loss due to equipment unreliability.
  • Responsible to monitor the equipment performance after finishing the PM for further improvement through PM, Breakdown report.
  • Responsible to review and control the daily tasks to ensure the high efficiency and minimize production interruption due to inefficiency PM activities. 
  • Responsible to analyze the equipment breakdown, investigate the failure, propose and execute the solution to improve the PM program.
  • Responsible to direct Maintenance Technician at troubleshooting to ensure the issues are fixed properly.
  • Responsible to identify the skill requirement of PM team, assist Supervisors to execute the training plan.
  • Responsible to the continuous improvement of the PM program: faster service, high efficiency, and lower costs.
  • Responsible to work closely with maintenance Planner and PDM on PM and PDM plan
  • Responsible to work with project team when require to ensure the improvement and sustaining of PM program
  • Responsible to take other maintenance tasks as per requirement from supervisors.
  • Ensure to follow up the guidance and training provided by the company to develop competencies and to extend responsibilities as a mid-long term development goals.

Experience requirements

  • In depth knowledge in preventive maintenance
  • Experiences in food and beverage industry or consumer goods where apply preventive maintenance

Education requirements

  •    Bachelor Degree in Mechanical, electrical or equivalent

Contact Person

  •   Liem Duong
  •  Adecco