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5 Tips To Beat Post-Tet Blues

So you’ve had a wonderful Tet celebrations with yummy food and fun gatherings. But as the working week draws nearer, you find yourself dreading it. Was it because of all the bánh chưng? Or is it something else? How can you get rid of that feeling and start the first working day of the Rooster year full of energy and zeal? Well, we’ve got your back - check out our 5 tips to beat post-holidays blues.

Personal Development

Marketing yourself as a creative professional

The design and marketing business is as competitive as ever. Many work on a freelance and temporary basis and have the benefit of a flexible schedule – an outlet for their creativeness and a means to continuously hone their skills on new and exciting projects..

Personal Development

Is Multitasking Slowing You Down?

Is multitasking slowing you down? Make the most of your time – without compromising quality

Personal Development