The best answers to the 5 most common interview questions

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So you are invited to a job interview – congrats! It’s time to get into the preparation mode for your appearance, knowledge and most importantly, your answers. Some of the common interview questions are used that the recruiters will expect you to deliver effortlessly without any hesitation.

Adecco Recruitment Consultants are here with our list for the best answers for the 5 most common interview questions.

Question 1: Tell me about yourself

99.99% job interviews will start with this question and even seasoned candidates do stumble again and again. With this question, what they are really asking is how you present yourself professionally. Hence, attempt to be as professional as you can.

Start out with some of your interests or work motivations. Take the interviewer through your career goal, education and the reason why you choose this career path. Then, provide them with your relevant accomplishments or the key highlights in your experience. Finish your answer with your expectation/why you are fit for the position.

Be very selective of your content and try to wrap it up within 1-2 minutes, like an elevator pitch.

Question 2: Why are you leaving your current/latest job? OR Why are you seeking a new opportunity?

Even when you’re having a bad time with your current position and company, do not paint them in the bad light. No interviewers will have a good impression on a negative discussion with their candidates.

A good way to go through this question is showing them your enthusiastic to take new opportunities and challenges. As well as, focus on the future, what you hope to gain in the new role and give reasons why you want to apply for this position.

Question 3: Why do you want this position?

This question helps interviewers determine if you spent time to thoroughly research the company and its history, culture, vision, products or services. Be specific in your answer about the aspects of the company or position that attract you most. Additionally, make sure you can identify all the position’s responsibilities and share your understanding in the interview.

Question 4: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

This seems like a far-ahead question, however, when asking this question, the recruiters want to know whether your expectations and goals are realistic. Additionally, they will evaluate your ambition and find out if the offer aligns with your career path. Thus, be honest about your plans and future goals.

Think and provide convincing ideas about where this opportunity could take you, the skills you could improve, the roles you would like to take and the goals you would like to achieve. In case you are not sure about your future path, it is acceptable to say the truth and that you believe this opening position is important and necessary in helping you clear your future.

Question 5: What salary range are you looking for? OR Your expected salary

Let’s face it, this is a sensitive but must-have question. Even though you should never ask for less than you are worth, you also shouldn’t overprice yourself. It is important to do your research on the salary range by referring to expert and market standard, using Adecco 2019 Salary Guide. A good understanding of the market pay rates helps you to be more confident and persuasive in the salary negotiations.

Also, make sure the interviewers see that you are willing to negotiate. State that your skills and experiences are valuable, but you want the job and join the company. Thus, you are ready for further discussion on salary and the company’s welfare policy.


Be yourself and honest in your responses. Prepare and practice your answer to be natural and confident would make an outstanding impression on the interviewers. Don’t forget to check the Adecco recruitment site regularly for the latest job opportunities and professional advice.

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