How to work effectively with a headhunter in your job search?

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A headhunter can doubtlessly fasten your job search if you know how to work with them. Check out 6 tips here for your best experience with headhunting service.

Job seeking is utterly a challenge, even with experienced candidates. You will need all the help you can get to find a new perfect job in the current tough job market, where numerous people apply for one vacancy only.

To smooth your way, consider finding yourself assistance from a skilled headhunter.

Prepare your best presence

To help headhunters find you easily and impress them, be professional on your social media accounts. First, update your LinkedIn profile as this platform serves as an effective headhunting process. Add your latest work-related or side project accomplishments to showcase your skillset and that you’re a promising candidate.

Then, remove all controversial or not safe for work posts from your public accounts. All companies need their employees to excel the work, while can represent the business’s positive image. Don’t ruin the professional impressions with your private persona.

Find a specialized headhunter

If you’re looking for a headhunting service, focus on firms that specialize in your industry or function. These headhunters have knowledge about the business, hence they will understand what their client – your future employer – is looking for, also what you are talking about. Moreover, they’ll give you advice on what you should prepare to impress a specific client, which positions are best fitted for you, or what inputs you need in the applications.

Confirm the headhunter’s identity

Although it’s not very common, there are some bad practices that companies craft some non-existent jobs to collect as many resumes as possible for their database. Then, your confidential information will be sent to plenty of companies without your permission. Maybe to your current employer?

To prevent this annoying circumstance, make sure that you know the agency which the headhunter works for and contact reliable headhunting firms only.

Always be honest

Headhunters can quickly spot out your lies through a reference check or in-depth interview. Your name will be in their blacklist if you try this risky game, so be honest in the discussions.

You should frankly explain your interests and career goals to the headhunters. If you’re not interested in one position, decline it with courtesy. Say thanks to their service and tell them the reasons for your decision. They can recommend you to more suitable positions or help you explain any rough parts in your experience to the next hiring companies.

Don’t harass the headhunters

Make a phone call or send an email to show your appreciation is acceptable. What not appreciated is constantly following up with questions about your status or interview results. Come across as a desperate and flustered candidate make you seem unqualified and unreliable.

Besides, remember that headhunters are routinely busy with a full calendar of meeting clients and interviewing applicants. They are performing their best to help other people – like you – land an ideal job. Hence, keep your communication to the point and don’t inundate them with your request for help.

Stay connected with your headhunters

Maintain a long-lasting relationship with your headhunters can benefit both parties. They can broaden their talents network, while you can exposure to more incredible opportunities when considering an employment change in the future. Even though you lose a job offer, be thankful for their time and effort supporting your job search process and inform them that you would love to work with them again for new positions.


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