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Survey: What will a CEO in 2050 look like?

Our survey reveals Gen Z's thoughts about the skills and qualifications needed to be ready for CEO positions by 2050.

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Opportunities for Management Jobs Flourish in Vietnam in Q3/2019

Adecco Vietnam’s latest quarterly labor market update shows a steady growth of management jobs quartering Q3/2019, especially in manufacturing and technology.

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Happiness at work survey 2019

The survey 'Happiness at Work' focuses on the level of happiness and the factors that positively impact the working experience of Vietnamese workers.

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2019 Working Mums Survey in Vietnam

'Working Mums in Vietnam' survey focuses on important aspects of working mums in Vietnam, including professional life; family - partner support; company benefit.

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The Result of Productivity at work Survey 2019 is out now!

Productivity survey at work in Vietnam investigates factors that impact on productivity under both employers and employees’ point of views.

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The Result of Career Choices & The Motivations Survey 2019 is out now!

Career Choices & the Motivations Survey focuses on the important aspects affect career choices and the work motivations of Vietnam talents.

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Adecco Vietnam Announced 2019 Vietnam ‘CEO for One Month’

Adecco Vietnam has selected the winner of this year ‘CEO for One Month’ program. The successful candidate will work with the General Director of Adecco Malaysia & Vietnam in July 2019.

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In 2019, senior positions are highly sought after

The demand for senior and managerial positions continues to increase, especially in manufacturing, information technology and banking.

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Vietnam further drops on global talent index

Vietnam ranked 92 out of 125 countries in the 2019 Global Talent Competitiveness Index (2019 GTCI).

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Registration for ‘CEO for One Month’ 2019 is now Open in 47 Countries

The ‘CEO for One Month’ programme began as a local initiative in Norway in 2011 and was formalised into a global programme in 2014.

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