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Head of International Trade


Job typePermanent



Experience7 Years

IndustryFinance & Banking

Job Responsibilities


1. Action planning (meet daily service/operation tasks and project related work, product development, sales promotion)

  • Develop, implement and manage budget plans and action plans. Proposing resources and measures to perform the functions and tasks of the room for each period
  • Proposing and coordinating to build, make suggestions to improve the operating model, operating flow (system/process), product development, etc related to the operations of the department
  • Coordinate to identify, propose, plan, manage, coordinate and/or participate in projects related to the division's operations, ensure the operation and delivery of products

2. Providing service and efficient operation, quality assurance and continuous improvement

  • Coordinate in receiving transaction requests / transaction tracing, consulting and processing transactions as assigned
  • Receive, learn, propose, coordinate to solve problems and difficulties in the process of service provision, operate daily business processes at the relevant units
  • Develop and maintain an appropriate customer interaction environment, deploy customer experience activities throughout the transaction time, ensuring all activities focus on customers (including external customers and customers). internal)
  • Approve the implementation of improvement initiatives within the room. Proposing process improvements, new system improvement applications

3. Compliance control and operational risk control

  • Coordinate in developing tools to support the operational control and control of compliance issues and risks related to the operations of the department
  • Guide, urge and remind employees in the room in arranging and completing documents properly, sufficiently and promptly as prescribed
  • Identify and identify inadequacies, omissions and risks during operation, provide daily services to make improvements, change processes and/or related systems
  • Control accounting, monitoring/reporting false balance, promptly detect fraudulent transactions and transactions that exceed the limit / exceed the authority to handle
  • Contribute comments on the development/completion of regulations, processes and instructions related to service provision and operation of the Division's operations in accordance with the SBV's regulations, practices and regulations. international convention, and meet the business requirements
  • Coordinate monitoring data, information (both qualitative and quantitative) for periodic reports, in the formats and instructions that have been determined or requested
  • Provide data and records for Auditors and Inspectors (when required), and answer questions related to the room's operations


  • Supporting business units to achieve business goals, to meet the requirements and strategic development orientations of the Bank
  • Contribute to building, optimizing organizational structure, operating model in accordance with the Bank's long-term development strategy.
  • Contribute to projects that deploy successfully, on a timely basis, to meet operational requirements and business goals
  • Customer requests are processed quickly according to the committed SLA from time to time. Help customers have a full practical experience at the transaction location, thereby helping activities meet high customer service standards, consistent with the standards and quality of the whole restaurant, improving a positive image at the bank line
  • Improve service quality, increase labor productivity, save costs, thereby helping business units meet the business growth target in each period.
  • Ensuring compliance control (especially compliance with foreign exchange management regulations, money laundering prevention regulations, international practices, practices and treaties and other relevant regulations) , International and Banking)
  • Control/minimize operational risks
  • Products are contributed to build with a smooth, automation operating framework. Giving suggestions to build and test the product operation support system
  • The reports, data, records and required documents are prepared sufficiently, accurately, timely and ready, helping the relevant units to make effective decisions
  • Contribute to developing, improving the capacity of each team and staff; maintain an adjacent team and develop talents
  • Ensure employees are involved and committed to achieving the goals, targets, standards of the team / unit

Experience requirements

1. Relevant Experience / Relevant Experience

  • 7-10 years of experience, including at least 3 years of experience in leadership / management roles

2. Relevant Knowledge / Specialization

  • Knowledgeable and experienced in the fields of accounting, payment, foreign trade, foreign exchange. Understanding Vietnamese and international laws related to payment, accounting, money laundering prevention
  • Knowledge of related products and services of commercial banks, knowledge of systems / regulations and market / international practices to provide technical advice

3. Skills / Skills

  • Skills in English and Informatics MOS standard office according to our regulations
  • Planning and goal setting skills Skills to supervise, empower and effectively manage work
  • Analytical & problem solving skills, decision-making skills
  • Leadership skills, influence, conflict management
  • Coaching skills. Independent and teamwork skills

4. Other competencies / others

  • Ability to think professionally, think customer service and manage operational risk
  • Sensitive to customer requirements and management, skillful communication
  • Work under pressure. Quick response, dynamic and creative

Education requirements

  • University degree in Economics, Finance, Banking

If you are ready to join this exciting opportunity, please contact Mrs. Linh Tran at +84 91 494 3383 or for immediate consideration

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