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Labour Market Overview

Technology & Media Sales & Marketing Engineering & Manufacturing
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Technology & Media
Sales & Marketing
Financial Services Human Resources
Professional Services
Business leaders in Vietnam have been quick to embrace tech trends throughout digital boost, resulting in the high demand for top-tier talents in CIO, Solution Architect, DevOps, and other Engineer roles.
In 2022, skilled tech talents in E-commerce, Fintech, and Blockchain technologies will be highly sought-after.
Recruitment activity has risen over the Retail and Premium Food sectors with more demand for E-commerce Head, Business Development Director, and Sales & Marketing Manager.
In the Healthcare sector, companies are hiring more key personnel for Sales, Marketing, and Medical Affairs.
In preparation for post-COVID-19 growth, Sales and Business Development roles are still in-demand in: E-commerce, IT, Agriculture, Logistics, Construction and Renewable Energy.
2021 witnessed strong demand from US and European manufacturing enterprises with Sourcing Offices and Energy sectors have 50% of the whole industrial and manufacturing total volume.
In terms of functions, the pipe would split respectively with 30% for Quality Management, 25% for Supply Chain Management, and 10% for Project Management.
In 2022, the Hi-tech and Automation domains could outrace menial manufacturing settings. Besides, outsourcing centers in furniture, household appliances, apparel, and parts would also bring more hiring volume.
Generally, COVID-19 has resulted in a drop in hiring demand in a variety of industries, including Real Estate, Hospitality, Education, and Business Consultancy.
The rising trend of digitalization and the increasing number of technology-based enterprises investing in Vietnam has brought about more hiring demand in Edutech, Proptech, and online platforms for B2B services.
Healthcare and life insurance firms continue growing and hiring more senior executives: Heads of Business Transformation, Head of Health and Wellbeing, Client Services roles, etc.
The demand for Online Partnership Managers, Heads of User Growth, Business Development Managers, and related positions has also expanded in the Online Commerce and Fintech industries.
Securities and asset management firms are expanding rapidly, and the demand for roles like Head of Bonds, Brokerage Manager, Investment Associate, Portfolio Manager, etc., is rising.
In 2021, recruitment demands for HR professionals in the Industrial, Technology, Energy, and Financial Services sectors increased significantly.
In 2022, to embrace hybrid and remote work culture, HR professionals with a data-driven mindset, work design agility, and mental health knowledge, would be in high demand.

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