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Adecco Vietnam Salary Guide 2023: HR Landscape and Labour Market Outlook 2023

The labour and employment market in 2022 had a turbulent year with many rapid and unpredictable movements.

Salary Guide

Understanding Staffing Turbulence in the Tech Sector

In 2022, tens of thousands of tech workers were laid off. Let’s dive into the reasons behind this trend – and how companies can handle the turnover and reassure their talent.

Career Development

Top 10 In-Demand Skills for 2025

It’s more important than ever that people take their development into their own hands. Upskilling and reskilling are the responsibility of both companies and employees.

Career Development

5 Career Questions to Ask Yourself in 2023

What makes you feel most fulfilled, and what do you value most at work? Here are five key questions to ask yourself heading into 2023

Career Development

The Advantages and Disadvantages Of The Four-Day Work Week

Is a shortened working week the right choice for your company? Across the world, companies both large and small are experimenting with the idea of a shortened working week. We break down the advantages and disadvantages from proponents and opponents of the new trend.

Career Development

Vietnam Labour Market Update in Quater 3/2022

Adecco Vietnam releases the Q3/2022 labour market update, sharing our insights on recruitment demand and growing trends in this quarter, also advice for both employers and employees on hiring and career change during the year-end season.

HR Insight

Free Template: Employee Skill Gap Analysis

Using our free package including a template and step-by-step guide, you can quickly examine the workforce skills gaps, revise your people development strategy, and gain greater competency in the workplace.

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Online Hiring & Onboarding in the New Normal: Human touch stays fundamental in the digital recruitment revolution

Adecco Vietnam's latest survey aims to assess the experience of employers and candidates toward the online recruitment practice, their perceptions of the hiring and onboarding in the new future of work, and shed light on room for improvements.

Research / Surveys

Hybrid Workplace: Office Spaces will be Redesigned to Facilitate Hybrid Working

Early in the pandemic, many questioned the role of the office and whether the unforeseen global experiment in remote working would render the office irrelevant. In the new normal, we are gaining a greater sense of the long-term impacts. The global shift to remote work during lockdowns has accelerated flexible work practices for many corporations while pushing businesses to rethink their office space in the long term.

HR Insight

Body Language in the Hybrid Workplace

It’s clear that the workforce nowwill be creating connections through the computer screen as much as the traditional office. But with non-verbal cues essential to person-to-person communication, what do the workers need to consider when creating working relationships with colleagues in the virtual environment?

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