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5 Tips to Ace a Job Interview from Adecco Vietnam’s Recruitment Consultants

After days of searching, you finally found a great job on Adecco. You sent your CV, an Adecco consultant got in touch and soon enough we got you an interview with the hiring client. So far so good. Now all you need to do is nail that interview. Nervous? Don’t be – We’ve got your back!

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Harry Potter Becomes Receptionist for A Day

Daniel Radcliffe is the world’s superstar since when he was 12. From becoming a wizard to a horse-obsessed boy or a cheeky business partner, he can take on any role. But how’s about the role of a receptionist? Click here to find out!

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A Day Without your Receptionist

It’s Monday morning and immediately you could tell something’s not right the moment you step into the office.

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[Infographic] The World of Work by 2030

As shared at the World Economic Forum in Asean 2018, the changes in skills and jobs structure are clearly inevitable. With the exclusive insights from The Adecco Group delegation, let’s take a look at our future by 2030.

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The Employer's Guide to Maternity Leave in Vietnam

Everything you need to know about Maternity Leave in Vietnam. At Adecco, we have Maternity Leave Coverage Service to make your maternity cover-up transition and backup process seamless.

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Vietnam Children's Career Survey 2018

In the spirit of International Children's Day, let's find out how Vietnamese children shape their future on this International Children's Day! The 7th edition of Children’s Career Survey reveals top career choices of Vietnamese children between the ages of 7 and 11.

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Adecco Vietnam Launches the 2018 Vietnam Career Navigator and Salary Guide

• An experts’ insights handbook as your personal career GPS to navigate yourself in skills developing and career movements. • A complete salary guide for candidates across various industries with detailed job descriptions and requirements.

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3 Tips to Expertly Manage Maternity Leave

Your trusted employee is just pregnant and the baby is due in six months. Cue for delighted squeals and warm congratulations. But just as you sink back to your chair, the question pops up – who will take over your staff’s work when she’s on maternity leave for six months? There’s got to be a way to make the whole transition and backup process seamless, right? The good news is, yes, of course.

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2018 Global Talent Competitiveness Index: Talent Diversity and Competitiveness will fuel the Future of Work: Vietnam Ranks 87

The 2018 Global Talent Competitiveness Index (GTCI) report found that Switzerland still leads the way in terms of talent competitiveness, followed by Singapore and the United States. In general, European countries continue to dominate the GTCI rankings, with 15 in the top 25. This year’s edition also revealed that the top ten countries have several key characteristics in common and share one major feature: they all have a well-developed educational system providing the social and collaboration skills needed for employability in today’s labour market.

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Unleashing The Promise of Flexible Working

The gig economy is offering a highly-attractive career and lifestyle pathway for more and more workers, according to global research by the Adecco Group and LinkedIn. But big hurdles at policy level remain.

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