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The best answers to the 5 most common interview questions

So you are invited to a job interview – congrats! It’s time to get into the preparation mode for your appearance, knowledge and most importantly, your answers. Some of the questions are so commonly used that the interviewers will expect you to deliver effortlessly without any hesitation. Luckily, Adecco Recruitment Consultants are here with our list for the best answers for the 5 most common interview questions.

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6 Steps to Nail your First Job after Graduation

Graduation is coming, and you’re trying to to get your first full-time job. For most of the seniors, this process will be tough. To make your journey shorter and easier, check out the 6 tips from the HR consultants of Adecco below:

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2019 Working Mums Survey in Vietnam

The first edition of the survey 'Working Mums in Vietnam' is published today. The document focuses on important aspects of working mums in Vietnam, including professional life; family - partner support; company benefit; time and stress management.

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Vietnamese Women’s Participation in the Workforce is High, But the Difference in Salary and Promotion still Exists

The percentage of Vietnamese women join the workforce is 71.2%, according to the Ministry of Labour, War Invalids and Social Affairs. However, the women’s work positions are still low, with 52.1% belong to simple work and 66.6% family business.

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5 Skills to Move Your Career Ahead

The first few months are the perfect time to make some new year resolutions and career goals for the year ahead. According to Workplace Learning Report 2018 by LinkedIn, 57% of senior leaders say that personal, social and communication skills are more important than technical skills. Maybe you’re satisfied with your current position, but want to improve the way you work, or develop new skills? These are the top five high-demand skills of 2019 and the best ways to achieve them.

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The Importance of Reference Check

2018 marks some significant shifts in labour movement within Vietnam labour industry. With 16 bilateral and multilateral free trade agreements, Vietnam is set to attract a significant increase in foreign direct investment (FDI). With these opportunities in hands, the demand for skilled candidates in Vietnam market becoming more rivalry than ever. Yet, with many international corporates enter and invest in the market, the demand for professional executive search and reference check also on the rise. The reference check is one vital step in your recruitment process, especially for finance & banking corporations. No matter how amazing the candidate on paper and perform in interviews, you should not let skip this crucial step.

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Registration for ‘CEO for One Month’ 2019 is now Open in 47 Countries

• Unique opportunity for candidates to step into the shoes of business leaders in 47 countries across the Adecco Group’s global network • Real-world experience to ignite young people’s aspirations and careers • One candidate will be chosen as the ‘Global CEO for One Month’, working alongside, the Adecco Group CEO, Alain Dehaze • Now in its sixth year as a global programme, the registration for 2019 is open

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2019 Global Talent Competitiveness Index: Nurturing Entrepreneurial Talent - The Key Competitiveness of Nations & Cities

• Talent still is drawn to small, high-income economies and the United States • Vietnam ranks 92th out of 125 countries • The five-year analysis shows the talent gap widening between unequal economies

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Salary Guide 2019 for Human Resources positions

This is Salary Guide 2019 for Human Resources positions. To download 2019 Vietnam Salary Guide, please visit

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2019 Vietnam Salary Guide is now available

• A comprehensive guide for job seekers and companies across various industries • A handy infographic on the outlook of Vietnam labour market by 2019 and 2030, packed with experts’ insights for recruitment planning

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