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Vietnam Labor Market Update in Quarter 1/2021

Positive signs of recovery in the labor market, open up more employment opportunities

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What is Executive Search? A guide to executive search process in Vietnam

Looking for a headhunt or executive search service to fill important roles but not sure how it works? Here’s all you need to know!

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Adecco Vietnam Salary Guide 2021

Insights to salary information, labor market overview, industry hiring trends, and advice for both employers and employees in Vietnam.

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Leaders share challenges, advice amid pandemic on International Women’s Day

In the spirit of International Women’s Day, we asked leaders from across the Adecco Group to share their experiences amid the pandemic, and their advice to shape a better future of work for everyone.

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4 most common mistakes that hurt your recruitment and selection process

There are no specific guidelines that can guarantee 100% successful hiring. However, you can bring the right ones on board by staying away from these common flaws during the recruitment and selection process.

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9/10 Vietnamese employees think they are digitally ready for the 4.0 era

To evaluate how digitally ready they are to enter the new normal, Adecco Vietnam carried out a study assessing the responses from 300 employers (hiring decision-makers - manager levels and above) and 300 employees across many industries.

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4 ways an HR consulting firm can save you a fortune

Here’s a simple and painless way to cut operating expenses: partner with an HR consulting firm. We know this might sound odd, so let us explain how this will work for you.

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Labour Market Update Q3/2020: The number of job application continues to double, reaching peak within this year

In Q3/2020, the employed are reluctant to switch jobs due to the uncertainty.. The labour market indeed takes more than another quarter to return to the normal.

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4 useful IT interview questions for non-tech employers

Struggling to fill a tech vacancy as you’re far from a techie? Ask these 4 IT interview questions to smooth your way now!

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6 bite-sized tips guaranteed a shorter recruitment process

Been putting in lots of effort yet the whole recruitment process continues to tread water? Well, it’s not that tough to speed things up. You only need some advice here!

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