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Marketing is the New HR: How to Leverage Marketing in Your HR Strategy

Gone are the days when HR was overlooked as an old-fashioned, unexciting department. As the world of work is rapidly shifting into being people-centric, HR is on the way to its glory days.

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Are We Ready for Hybrid Work? – FutuHRe Insight

Great shifts in the perception of work lead to great currents sweeping through the working world. Let’s see what the latest trends are.

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Free Template: Employee Performance Review Form

Get our editable form and quick guide to avoid bias and leverage your performance review practice!

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Graduate employment in COVID-19 pandemic: A positive attitude in the midst of challenges.

Nov 25, 2021, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam: Adecco Vietnam's latest survey aims to assess the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic on graduate employment and recruitment activities. The findings from this survey can help fresh graduates, employers and educational institutions better understand the current situation and find the right future directions.

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Signs of a Toxic Workplace and How to Stay Sane

Toxicity in the office can display itself in many ways, such as stress, burnout, shrinking productivity, miscommunication, or personal conflicts. But when it comes down to identifying the toxins and how to deal with them, many people find this hard to answer.

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2022 will be the Year of the Worker – FutuHRe Insight

So many changes and new trends are accelerating in the blink of an eye. In this month’s FutuHRe Insight series, here are some noteworthy titles that you can’t miss.

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The Stress-free Ways to Return to the Office Post-COVID

How to cope with it and make your journey returning to office easier? We have gathered some advice from professional psychologists...

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Office Etiquette: How To Ask Co-Workers And Clients If They’re Vaccinated

The fact that more and more people are returning to the office, now considered a public place with certain health and safety risk, can cause unnecessary subtle tension and anxiety if not handled properly.

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Free Template: Employee Self-evaluation Form & Quick Guide

An all-in-one package with an editable form and a quick guide to get the most out of your employee self-evaluation practice.

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Headhunting Firms vs. Recruitment Agencies. What’s the difference?

Recruitment industry jargons got you confused? Not sure which service is the right match? This article gives you all you need.

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