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7 suggestions for an effective employee induction process

Do you remember your first day, or week, at work? Did you struggle to settle into new environments? You may feel lost in translation, but as a manager or team leader, do you want the same thing for your new talents? If done correctly, the induction process can boost your new hires’ work motivation and performance up to 11.5%, according to LinkedIn. But how to get it right? Here are 7 suggestions from Adecco HR experts for forming a successful induction process.

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5 interview questions to reveal the candidate's commitment

Reducing employee turnover rate is always among the key concerns of every employer. The best scenario is hiring talents who have long-term plans to grow with your company. However, how can you identify these committed candidates?

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How to write a compelling job post to attract talents?

Have you ever received numbers of unqualified CVs and took months to find the right fit? If you want to end this long and unpleasant process, get a better start now with your job post! Spend time crafting a compelling job description will help you stand out from others, attract more talents and also benefit your future hire.

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Nghề nào hạnh phúc nhất?

Ấn bản lần đầu tiên của Khảo sát ‘Hạnh Phúc khi Đi Làm’ được chính thức phát hành hôm nay. Tài liệu tập trung vào mức độ hạnh phúc và những yếu tố tác động tích cực đến trải nghiệm làm việc của người lao động Việt Nam.

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How Outsourcing Can Help Increase Your Company’s Profits?

Growing your business is challenging, however, it won’t matter if your profit remains the same despite major business growth. In fact, boosting profit margin has always been a priority of the executives. To increase the profit you can either increase the price or reduce your costs and expenses, the latter seems like a preferred method. But what can you do to lessen the expenses, while making sure that your employee benefits and service quality stay the same? Outsourcing might be what you’re looking for.

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5 effective salary negotiation techniques for employers

After screening several CVs and interviewing candidates, you finally find a potential one. Congratulations! Now, there’s only one obstacle to complete your hiring process: the salary negotiation. However, this is the crucial stage, as candidates can decline your job offer if it is not attractive enough. How to make sure that the candidate will receive your offer happily? 5 techniques below will help you effectively solve this puzzle:

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6 candidate red flags to watch for when hiring

We all know that hiring is not easy. Employing a wrong person will cost you time and energy dealing with the consequences while hurting business productivity and morale. While it’s impossible to avoid all mistakes, we can help you to identify the warning signs of a bad candidate for better hires. Remember to watch for these 6 red flags in your search for talents:

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7 proven ways to increase productivity at work

Have you ever ended your working day exhausted yet feeling like you haven’t got much done? Your to-do listing keeps adding up by the hour and you wonder if you’ll ever get any of them completed in this lifetime. Luckily, Adecco is here with these 7 proven tips to help you increase your productivity and improve your performance.

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The best advice for a CV with zero experience

There are a number of choices waiting for you after graduation, including: 1/ obtain another and/or higher degree, 2/ see the world or 3/ go straight into full-time employment. If having a career is your priority, you will probably face a major problem for fresh graduates - how to fill in your CV with almost-to-none working experience. To help your CV shine despite the lack of experience, follow these tips from Adecco HR Consultants:

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6 tips to craft a superb work experience section

Looking for a new job is time-consuming, but having a professional CV can speed things up. To move the balls in the right direction, it’s important that you invest time in crafting the work experience section where all your achievements prove that you’re the strongest candidate.

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