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5 payroll management mistakes that will waste your money

Whether you’re a newbie or specialist, payroll management is still a minefield where every single false step is costly. The list is long, but here are the top 5 that always need your attention.

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO): What is it & how can it benefit your business?

Your entire recruitment practices need a makeover, but your team is too busy to shake things up? Well, then Recruitment Process Outsourcing – aka RPO - is the best solution for you!

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Vietnam Recruitment demand dropped 20% compared to Q1/2020

Adecco Vietnam releases the Q2/2020 labor market update, sharing our internal data from the latest survey on the impact of COVID-19 on different sectors and the changes of recruitment demand in this quarter.

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Resetting Normal: defining the new era of work

Businesses and workers call for greater flexibility, questions raised over the hours-based contract, and a new empathetic leadership profile emerges to reset normal in the new era of work

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6 job search hacks in the middle of COVID-19

Of course, it’s much harder to find a perfect job now. But as always, we got your back! Check out our tips here to make your job search in the COVID-19 time a success!

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Attract top-notch candidates in COVID-19 era: Hard but not impossible!

Offering above-average compensations isn’t the only way to attract top-notch candidates, especially in the current pandemic. Here’s what truly appeals to them.

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4 recommendations for your new recruitment strategy post-COVID-19

How do you implement a new recruitment strategy when you don't know where to start? Here's what you need to design a perfect plan for your workforce.

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7 must-ask questions when hiring senior employees

When hiring senior employees, what matters is not how many questions you ask, but what you ask.

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7 key practices to ensure accurate payroll processing

We’re sure all employers want to run timely and accurate payroll processes. But not all of them have these handy tips to make their work easier!

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Choosing a payroll provider: 5 essential questions to find your perfect match!

Struggling to look for a best-fit payroll provider? Then ask these questions to find the one who will save you time and money, not wasting them.

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