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Choosing a recruitment agency, is it worth to do so?

It's important for your business in choosing a recruitment agency in the proper way to deliver a well-thought-out plan

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Why Adecco is one of reliable HR outsourcing firms in Vietnam?

Among various HR outsourcing firms in Vietnam, what makes Adecco win customers' trust and hold the top position for years?

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Best virtual interview practices for your executive search process

Virtual interviews have become more commonly used in executive search as COVID-19 continues to spread out. As a recruiter, how good are your virtual interview skills?

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The race of AI revolution has redefined global talent competitiveness 2020

There is a widening gap of digital skills, especially in AI revolution between Vietnam and other nations, according to the 2020 Global Talent Competitiveness Index (GTCI) research

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Looking for a staffing agency? Here’s your checklist!

A staffing agency is likely to radically affect your talents hiring and nurturing, here are our tips on how to make this partnership beneficial.

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4 handy tips to empower women at work

You want to promote true equality for women at work? Then, with these 4 tips, you sure to hit a home run

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International Women’s Day: 10 Leaders Share Their Advice and Stories

In celebration of International Women’s Day and in the spirit of “each for equal”, we asked 10 leaders to share their advice for the leaders of tomorrow. Here is what they said!

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Hiring senior executives: How to make your life easier?

Let us help you solve the puzzle of hiring senior executives with these 5 tips from our recruitment experts.

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4 best ways to optimize payroll management

Check out our experts' advice to simplify and boost efficiency with your in-house payroll management.

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Love vs Recruitment process: Why they are so relatable?

Have you ever thought about the resemblances of the love and recruitment process? This Valentine’s Day sees how surprisingly close these two concepts are.

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