Adecco Vietnam Salary Guide 2022: A bright outlook with more jobs, higher compensations budgets, and more human-centered policies

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Feb 25, 2022, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam: The ninth edition of the Adecco Vietnam Salary Guide 2022 provides a detailed picture of current market offerings based on working experiences across key sectors in Hanoi and HCMC. This issue also provides insightful advice for employers and candidates in each industry, as well as updates the latest findings from our survey “Compensation and Benefits Trends in 2022”.

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The fourth wave of COVID-19 made 2021 a challenging year for many businesses while reshaping the future of work.

Though coping with the disruptions caused by COVID-19, businesses not only exerted themselves to sustain the operation but also put people as a top priority. Employees’ safety needs, i.e. remote work, PPE, or on-site workforce reductions were quickly responded to. Also, as over 96% of employees were willing to be reskilled, businesses have wisely invested in online training and development activities. Whether it's reskilling or wellbeing, employers' efforts will improve employee engagement and efficiency, as well as talent retention and employer-of-choice branding. All of these, ultimately, ensured long-term and stable business performance.

The pandemic has also prompted the shift in recruitment practice. Candidates gradually get used to searching, applying, and interviewing online. Employers also widely implement this virtual method. Our survey “Graduate employment in COVID-19 pandemic” indicates that 62.5% of employers turn to the virtual hiring process amid the pandemic.

However, this reasonable alternative still has certain downsides. Candidates face difficulties evaluating their work environment and future career path through a laptop screen. Employers too struggle to access candidates properly, e.g. observing body language and candidates’ reactions to the working culture.

That's why more and more employers utilizing online skills assessments. Psychological assessments, besides the well-known reference check, are becoming more prominent to gauge candidates' qualifications and resilience. This market is even expected to grow at a high rate in the Asia-Pacific region by 2027.

Recently, with flexible strategies to adapt to the new normal, the economy is showing many optimistic signs, followed by the bustling activity of the recruitment market. Adecco Vietnam's “Compensation and Benefits in 2022” survey (page 11 – 16) reveals promising predictions about hiring needs and welfare policies this year.

Thanks to several reasons, various sectors will search for more talents in 2022, namely Technology and Media, Manufacturing & Engineering, Financial Services, E-commerce, Healthcare, Energy, etc. Vietnam remains a potential destination for foreign investments thanks to its young, abundant, and adaptable workforce. Plus, several FTAs entering into force i.e. the recent RCEP will help the Vietnamese economy gain more prospects, leading to a surge in hiring requests. Furthermore, the tidal wave of digital transformation in recent years, the rising demand for healthcare, and the regional supply chain movement altogether will open many employment opportunities for a high-quality workforce in the coming time.

Employers are also hiring for new positions based on business transformation needs. The digitalization and remote work trend will stimulate interest in Technology and Data positions. Also, as we are increasingly interacting online, creative positions associated with visualization and online experiences such as Graphic Designers, UI/UX Designer, or Digital Marketing roles are in-demand. Likewise, jobs related to business adaptation such as Strategy & Transformation, Value Creation, or Chief of Staff are also on the rise.

Published every year since 2014, Adecco Vietnam Salary Guide is a lodestar of comprehensive updated salary information, derived from Adecco expert market knowledge. We hope this 9th edition, with its key insights into market and industry hiring trends, will provide a broad overview of the Vietnam labor market and become a handy tool for every HR professional in building their strategic talent development and recruitment in 2022.

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