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Discover our stress-free solutions to release your team from the cumbersome monthly HR administrative workload. Our highly customized and confidential payroll admin service have helped 100+ clients in various industries to manage over 7,000 payroll transactions smoothly every month

Adecco payroll admin service

Payroll admin service is more than just preparing the payslips.

If you are simply paying office workers, you can calculate pay by multiplying hours by rate, plus overtime or other allowance. But what if you have thousands of employees from different functions and positions? Each month, many people left and new one comes. Each month, their salaries are different due to working hours, commission, promotion, etc... 

Managing a workforce across multiple locations, divisions, and geographic regions is not easy. Ensuring you are getting the quality talent you need, when you need it, at the best value is even more difficult. Every day, major companies in every part of the world rely on us to provide them with the blueprint for overcoming their human capital challenges now and in the future with 100% Confidentiality and Compliance with local labour regulations.

Avoid trying to keep track of deadlines

A missed deadline for either payment or reporting can cause many bad consequences for your HR team and impact on the productivity of employees. Using payroll admin service, even with just a few employees, is an option many employers consider for their businesses. 

Our payroll admin service scope

Adecco provides the professional payroll admin service to ensure that the management of payroll transaction is following all requirements of the Labor Code of Vietnam including:

  • Employee Administration
  • Government Administration
  • Salary Administration
  • Tax Administration  
  • Standard Reports

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