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100% Compliance (Payroll benefits) Why do you have to outsource payroll service to a third party?

Adecco provides the professional payroll service to ensure that the management of payroll transaction is following all requirements of the Labor Code of Vietnam

Our payroll service is 100% Compliance
All Employee Benefits, Tax & Insurance Administration are 100% compliant with latest Vietnamese labor law.

Global Stability
We have 5000 offices in 60 countries, which will ensure the best practice & your business continuity around the world.

 Transparent Reporting & Billing
Transparent and regular communication as key to build a long-lasting business relationship.

 Specialized Payroll System
Our Specialized system powers accuracy, confidentiality and efficiency.

Expertise Team
Our combination of payroll & staffing expert and robust corporate functions in HR, Legal & Finance enables both productivity & cost-saving.

Integrated Staffing Solution
Provide effective, flexible and timely support to your existing workforce.

Salary Admin (Payroll service scope) When to choose Adecco Payroll Service?

1. You lack internal HR support       

Your current HR apartment needs external support for HR tasks

2. You need greater accuracy

Our professional team of experts have a profound knowledge about government regulations & Vietnamese labour laws to reduce your overal risks. And as we do payroll as regular as breathing, we can 
commit 100% payroll accuracy. 

3. You want to save time
Our service is helpful in handling and calculating time and attendance, commissions, benefits and bonuses. At the same time, workers compensation, addressing employees concerns and human resource in general are also taken care carefully.   

Tax administration Our Service Scope

1. Employee Administration
Benefits, Legal compliance, Orientation process, Attendance controls, Travel Policies, Provide industry experience and knowledge to confirm annual salary treatment is market based.

2. Salary Administration
Monthly payroll calculation and payment for the Associates on monthly basis.

3. Compliance Reports
Monthly payroll payment report, summary payroll payment report, Government Insurances reports, Personal Income Tax report, Salary slip.

4. HR Support 
Answer employees’ enquiry on relevant policies and regulations.

5. Tax Administration
Report preparation of both monthly and year-end for submitting to the Tax Department, Preparation of withholding tax certificate at year-end, Submitting the Government Insurances Fund and other Funds report to the Government. 

6. Government Administration
Reporting for Personal Income Tax (PIT), Social Insurance (SI), Medical Insurance (MI), and Unemployment Insurance (UI), Trade Union (TU); Labor Usage Report; Processing of all claims for Social Insurance, Medical Insurance to the Government.

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