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Have you ever received a complaint about salary errors?

Do you feel burned out when juggling payroll duties and hiring demands?

Payroll calculation requires great concentration and a lot of time to ensure accuracy in all numbers. Meanwhile, recruitment needs to be completed swiftly so as not to disrupt business operations. Obviously, completing both tasks perfectly is a challenge for every HR team.

Let us give a hand with our Payroll & Staffing service! Not only do we conduct seamless recruitment and find the best talent for your business, but we also handle payroll management and related admin work. Our team of seasoned consultants will take care of your people so that you can focus on growing your business.

What we offer

Our Payroll & Staffing Service aims to make your whole hiring and paying process seamless.

  • Payroll Calculation
  • Government Report Admin
  • Income Tax Admin
  • HR Related Enquiries Consultation
  • Contract Management
  • Recruitment
  • Offer Management
  • Onboarding
  • Induction Training

What you’ll get

  • Scalable solution depending on your moment-to-moment staffing needs.
  • Less administrative burden and more time to focus on value-added tasks.
  • Better hires, better candidate experience.
  • Expert insights on the hiring best practices, essential skills, salary ranges, etc.
  • Consistent hiring and paying recruitment process at all levels.
  • Security from cybercrimes and data leaks.
  • 100% compliance with legal regulations.
  • Notice on legal changes that may affect your organization.
  • On-site or off-site staff depending on your requirements.
  • Further support from our 360 services offering.

Why Adecco Vietnam

  • Extensive recruitment experience - With 12+ years in the Vietnam market and 2 offices in HCMC and Hanoi, we have a vast candidate pool and nationwide talent network.
  • Specialised payroll system: Our system guarantees both accuracy and confidentiality.
  • Support from the in-house legal team: All recruitment and payment processes are compliant with the latest Vietnamese labor law.
  • Expertise in HR, Legal & Finance: Our experienced local team works together to ensure smooth and on-time processes.
  • Transparent in all communication: Precise guidance and in-depth reports on every activity.
  • 360° service ecosystem – One-stop HR solutions provider that offers all you need to manage your workforce stress-free.
  • Global presence - With 660,000 people on assignment in 3.800 branches worldwide, best practices & business continuity plans are always in place.

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