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Need to familiarize with the local market when your company entering Vietnam?

Or a high employee turnover rate and low engagement damaging your company culture?

We have just the solution! Adecco Vietnam Salary Benchmarking Service offers comprehensive insights on salary ranges and all types of employee benefits within your specific industry, peer groups and the marketplace.

What we offer

  • An extensive breakdown of the compensation package, including both cash and non-cash benefits.
  • Detailed benchmark organized by company size, job scope or specific industry.
  • Comparison and analysis of your current remuneration scheme to that of your peers.

What you'll get

  • Stay competitive in the quest for talents
  • Retain top talents & save turnover cost
  • Manage salary budget & bottom line effectively
  • Foster employee engagement & satisfaction
  • Obtain a clear picture of competitors’ personnel
  • Spot rooms for improvements
  • Enhance knowledge in C&B field as an employer
  • Maintain your company’s reputation

Why Adecco

  • In-depth knowledge of the market: With 3,800 branches around the world, and 12+ years of operating with 2 offices in Vietnam, we understand every segment of the labor market.
  • Flexible solutions: Our team of HR experts can always tailor the service to your specialized needs.
  • Always compliant: Ensure transparency and internal justice in the entire data collection process.

Client Voice

"We operate in a niche market in Vietnam with a quite high turnover rate, which affects employee engagement and company culture.
Adecco Vietnam has provided us with in-depth details about the benefits, employee’s perceptions and priorities in our industry.
This information helps us have better insights not only from the C&B perspective but also about the engagement program and training roadmap."
-Entertainment Service Industry-

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