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Head of Debt Collect


Job typePermanent



Experience7-10 Years

IndustryFinance & Banking

Job Responsibilities

  • Management of direct debt collection and debt settlement of Northern banking sector for: (i) Ordinary loans (excluding cards) group 2-5, bad debts of group 1; Group 1 debts are proposed to be transferred by the business unit and approved by the Director of Science and Technology Management to receive them, debts which have been used against provisions to deal with risks; (ii) Overdue credit card debts of group 3-5, debts which have been processed with credit risk and other potentially high-risk debts of group 1;
  • Carry out the restructuring of overdue debts from group 2 - 5, bad debt group 1;
  • Implement bad debt handling;
  • Carry out activities to support debt management;
  • Effective budget management approved; Recruit, assign work implementation organization, train and monitor the performance of junior employees to ensure completion of the assigned work plan;
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the management level ....

Experience requirements

  • Minimum 7 years of experience in debt collection at financial service organizations, banking and 3 years of experience in management in equivalent positions;
  • Ability to lead and manage large-scale employees;
  • Practical experience in successful implementation of business plans, cost management and budgeting; team building and development
  • Experience in continuous change management, while ensuring that the main business objectives are met;
  • Understand the retail market and the laws related to lending to individual customers;
  • Good negotiation, relationship and communication skills; good critical thinking
  • Ability to lead and manage large groups in several provinces (cities);
  • Proficiency in English is an advantage....

Education requirements

  • Bachelor's degree or higher, with priority in Finance, Banking, Economics, Law etc..

Contact Person

  •   Van Bui
  •  Adecco