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Legal Expert

LocationHanoi, Ho Chi Minh City

Job typePermanent


CategoryLegal / Compliance

Experience5-7 Years

IndustryFinance & Banking

Job Responsibilities

  • Assist the Director of the Division of Services and Proceedings in planning and implementing the Division's plan in accordance with the Division's plan.
  • Organize the implementation of the work of the Division in HCM city including
  • Legal advice related to credit business to limit legal risks, ensure business safety and legal benefits of the Bank.
  • Develop a contract form, appraise draft Contract and negotiate a Contract related to credit business
  • Develop and evaluate the Bank's internal regulations related to credit legislation
  • Counsel on settlement, participate in the proceedings to resolve criminal, administrative, and civil cases other than debt collection as assigned
  • Review and ensure the quality of work performance, service results and SLA compliance related to the fields of responsibility
  • Support the Director of the Department to recruit, train, monitor and manage the work efficiency of junior employees to ensure the completion of the assigned work plan.
  • Support to the Director of the Administration Board for personnel of other departments in HCM City
  • Perform work as assigned by direct managers (including drafting Q&A, Legal Advice, Legal Option ...) to limit legal risks to ensure the legal rights of the Bank
  • Formulate Contract Form, appraise draft Contract and Negotiate Contract
  • Development and evaluation of internal legal documents related to credit business activities
  • Update new legal documents, comment on draft legal documents, evaluate impacts of legal documents on the Bank's operations
  • Counsel on settlement, participate in the proceedings to resolve cases, the civil matter is not debt collection as assigned
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the management level

Experience requirements

  • Minimum of 7 years (In-house Lawyer, Credit & Litigation Legal Service Manager - South Region) / 5 years (CVCC) / 3 years (CVC) of legal services experience.
  • Understand banking operations, processes and operations.
  • Understand legal provisions related to banking operations and litigation / dispute resolution.
  • Can use English (listening, speaking, reading, writing) for work (CVCC) / Basic English Communication (CVC)

Education requirements

  • Graduated from University becomes law major;
  • Practicing Certificate / Lawyer Card (In-house Lawyer, Credit & Litigation Legal Service Manager - South Region)

Contact Person

  •   Van Bui
  •  Adecco