5 Ways HR Resembles Running a Football Club

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Hey football fans! Euro 2021 is coming to an end, but the HR professional's work is far from done. Come to think of it, running an HR department does have lots in common with running a football team, from scouting, training and developing talent, managing performance, to measuring productivity, etc. And above all else, both share the same goal: victory.

Let’s take a look at 5 examples both a football coach and an HR professional would find in common:

1. Both need to have a strategic plan in place

There are many similarities between running a football team and managing a workforce, the golden key is to know when to make the right decisions. When it comes to football, you need a plan on how players need to cooperate and react to different game situations. With HR, you need a big picture of the workforce, the direction where everyone should go toward reaching the same business goal. It's important not to make rash decisions based on emotions. Planning and considering all your options before taking action will help to ensure success, no matter what type of business you're running.

2. It's important to know your players - their strengths and weaknesses

Running a company and managing a football team are both about the same thing: people. One of the keys that lead a business to success is having the right people, in the right positions. If a company put an energetic, good communicator in front of a computer screen in the back office, it would be, most of the time, a disaster for both sides.

The same with managing a football team. You have different positions on the pitch that suit different types of players: the forwarders, midfielders, defenders, goalkeepers, etc. A wrong move in choosing the right player for the position is as bad as a misguided tactic choice.

3. Communication is key, especially when you're dealing with a lot of different people

Communication is the key to success for both a football team and a company. Whether you’re running a football team or a business, all the pieces in the team need to be on the same page and have clear instructions and goals to succeed.

When a football coach gives orders, they need to be loud enough so that every player hears them. Likewise, managing human resources includes delivering good communication with the employees so that everyone knows what their role is. Both teams and companies rely on clear communication from the top down for all members to work together effectively.

4. Training and developing the people

As a football fan, you might have known that transferring a good player to your team often costs a fortune. With a limited budget, club managers can only afford that for key positions. For the rest, it’s all about long-term development. Both the players and the employees need to be trained and guided to reach their full potential. That way you can put your best people to the field and get the most out of them, while still ensure their happiness and retainment.

5. When things get tough, it's time to call in some reinforcements

When things get rough, it’s not rare in the football world to see clubs taking players on loans to save cost. Likewise, in the HR world, the road is not always smooth, and many companies of various sizes do reach out for reinforcement solutions. Why not let the HR professionals lend you their expertise? Then you can sit back and focus on core business, and no one’s going to have a headache.

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