6 candidate red flags to watch for when hiring

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We all know that hiring is not easy. Employing a wrong person will cost you time and energy dealing with the consequences while hurting business productivity and morale.

Warning signs of a bad candidate for better hiring.

Remember to watch for these 6 red flags in your search for talents:

1. Negative/controversial image on social media

Most candidates often include their social media channels in the CVs. Make sure you have checked these sites before processing the next steps. If you notice any inappropriate or controversial behaviors and thoughts, give yourself some minutes to carefully consider whether these actions can negatively affect your company.

For instance, if the candidate has posts about drunk parties, body shaming or bashing previous colleagues, you may need to find another candidate.

2. How they treat your receptionist

Don’t assess your candidates in the interview room only. Instead, notice how they interact with your colleagues, such as the receptionists, the cleaners or your teammates. A professional should behave respectfully and courteously to everyone regardless of their position or level in the company. If they are being rude before even being employed, how can you ensure they will be professional at work?

3. Job-hopping

A long history of job-hopping or inconsistent in career path are signs of unreliable candidates. These candidates could have problems in adapting to a new workplace or still doubt about their future. You should ask for more explanations about their work history, and the reason behind each job change.

4. Can’t give details about their achievements

A potential candidate should be able to give statistics to quantify their achievements. Also, they can evidently demonstrate their skills, working process and how they contributed to the previous company.

On the contrary, if the candidate can’t go into details about their experience, it could be a huge red flag of their exaggerations in the CV.

5. Have no managerial references

If your candidates have a list of reference contacts, but no one was his/her previous manager, then you should be concerned. Managers are responsible for appraising and evaluating the works. The lack of managerial references can indicate that your candidates know that the managers will not give positive comments about his/her work as some selected contacts.

6. Have no questions

All candidates should have some questions for you, whether about their role or the company culture. If the interview ends without any questions from the candidates, it proves that he/she does not truly interested in the position and your business.

On the other hand, if they keep asking about compensation, benefits or leave policy, you should consider more about their motivation at work, and how long the will stay with you until the better offer arrives

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