5 easy ways to adjust to a new work environment

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Your efforts finally result in a job offer! You can be proud of your achievement, but don’t be reckless. You will be exposed to new experiences and work environment among new colleagues, which can make you feel confused if you can’t adapt well to the new workplace.

To make sure that you’ll ace your new work environment, check out the below tips from Adecco:

Take care of your appearance

Though we mention a lot about inner beauty, it is no doubt that appearance is the first-factor people use to learn about you. Your appearance makes a great impact on people, as people tend to judge within the first 7 seconds, according to Forbes.

Remember to ask the HR department about the dress code beforehand to make sure your outfit is proper. Wearing formal on your first day is a safe choice, as being more formal is much better than being too casual.

Be mindful of your attitudes

Attitude is the most important element that you should pay attention to, not only when adapting to a new workplace, but throughout your professional career. Most companies will select culture-fit employees and then help to develop their productivity instead of working with a professional who lacks courtesy.

Try to be as polite and gentle as you can with your new colleagues. You may not mean to be rude, but accidentally being too loud in working time or ignore known coworkers in the lift will cause bad impressions. This is what you should avoid if you want to quickly adapt to the company and build solid ground in your new relationships at work.

Ask for feedback

Feedback is vital to improve your professional skills and understand new company working style. Actively ask for your colleagues’ opinions and take out insightful ideas to improve your daily work. The feedback can also hint about whether the business is result-oriented or process-oriented.

Learn about company culture

Understanding new workplace culture is essential to quickly broaden your internal network and level up your communication efficiency.

What you need to do is observing how personal and professional discussions occur around you. Join some small talks with simple and daily things in a lift or at lunch to gradually integrate into their culture. 

Be open to the new experience

You’re gained valued experiences and techniques from your last job, but your new teammates are unlikely to have the same working methods. Adapting may be stressful, but comparing how things are done differently won’t help the matters much. Also, don’t isolate yourself from your new colleagues by subjective judgment such as “I did this at my old company”.

Be patient and wait. Possibly there are compelling reasons for the differences. In case you believe that your methods really work, approach the matter by giving your suggestions or opinions in a contributing way,


It may take a newcomer up to 6 months to truly adapt to a new position and working environment. Hence, don’t push yourself too much in the first few weeks. Be calm and friendly, you will be soon building more and more positive relationships

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