Choosing a recruitment agency, is it worth to do so?

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It's important for your business in choosing a recruitment agency in the proper way to deliver a well-thought-out plan that fulfils the needs of your company and ease your mind.


Gone are the days when filtering a bundle of resumes and calculating salaries are on-going tasks of internal HR people. Getting the hire you desire to foster the business operations is incredibly challenging. Numerous applications sound great until you quickly realize the majority of those candidates are unqualified. An effective recruitment solution from an agency is paramount to save time and resources for other crucial HR strategies such as talent development, employee retention or employer branding. 


When will it make sense of choosing a recruitment agency?


You are facing the industry talent deficit


Do you struggle with finding enough qualified talent to keep your business running as efficiently as you would like? Your boss requires niche positions with a superpower as being fluent in both Chinese and English, obtaining a Master degree, willing to travel often, having the leadership experience and specific skill set together with the outstanding knowledge competences, etc.… Then you're not alone. Many recruiters have to deal with the same problem due to shifting demographics, shortage of skilled workers and digital transformation race. Top-notch employees are among fierce competition, so they do not proactively look to move. According to the census data, the majority of people who took a new job last year weren't searching for one, but somebody came and got them.

And as we are entering the era of the gig economy and workforce flexibility, more people are embracing the freelance or entrepreneurial lifestyle. A current study indicates that nearly 60% of employers find it hard to fill job vacancies within 12 weeks. With a lack of talented candidates at their disposal, companies may find it more and more difficult to even keep up with the competition.

Because recruitment agencies are constantly recruiting candidates on a daily basis across industries and sectors, they can get your advert in front of the right people, pretty much immediately. They have specialised teams to match the different requirements of many clients and have a significant talent pipeline with large talent pool of referenced candidates to approach with your vacancy. To deal with lots of hard-to-find potentials, the recruitment consultants have a strong possibility to know who they are, how to reach them, and know-how to incentivize them to make a move. They also possess extensive knowledge of the current talent demand, skills shortage, salary benchmarks and the overall job market.

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Time is king but currently, you are not the queen to get married

Filling a position the traditional way is extremely time-consuming. You know what it takes to hire; endless CV's, a non-stop ringing phone and a string of emails from applicants. And then you have to prescreen prospective candidates, conduct interview, check their foreign language ability and track down references. Even if candidates accept the offer, tomorrow they can change their mind. This can negatively impact your day-to-day work, since your productivity output can nosedive in times of recruiting.

You don't need spending hours of sifting through piles of resumes. Let the experts consolidate this work. You can then focus on fewer quality individuals with more qualifications and experience that meet your business requirements and job role expectations. Choosing a recruitment agency properly will further sort the wheat from the chaff and free you to concentrate on running the rest of your business.

You find it cost too much for the right match

Hiring people is a science, and if you do not have time going through candidates, normally you will end up with candidates who don't fit the business needs. According to research, 95% of employers suffer from a bad hire every year. Bad hires lead to 80 per cent of employee turnover and cost two to three times the salary level of the position for which they were hired. Although spending many efforts to fill opened positions.

In the long run, choosing a recruitment agency will help you save more money because it ensures a flow of continual talent into your business. They take care of the initial steps in the hiring process and take that stress off your hands, as well as find you the backup persons if these quit in the probation period. As experts in connecting the right people, your chances of recruiting the wrong ones are significantly less.

A final word

The recruitment agencies can make your business running more efficient and effective because it's the root of what they do. Less work, less stress and more you time. If you're finding the one, contact Adecco now for your perfect match at or 028 3636 5811! With proven track records of pairing big clients with great candidates globally for more than 60 years, we can beat the local best.

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