COVID-19: How a recruitment company can help?

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In times of uncertainty, how a recruitment company can help your business get through and maintain the HR activities?

As the leading recruitment company in Vietnam, here are a few of our FAQs and our advice

1. Should I put recruitment plan on hold?

Yes and no. Unless your business is massively hit i.e. companies in public transportation, we suggest you keep the ball rolling, and looking for alternative start date in a later time instead of the standard 30 days. By doing this, you can maintain the vacancies in the progress. Once the pandemic is over, you will stay in control as you have already secured talents, while others may rush to start over their hiring process.

2. Is it now a good time to source candidates?

Indeed. We’re viewing the labour market in a positive outlook as companies in the most critical financial situation have already taken steps to reduce any non-essential headcounts. Whilst most of these lay-offs are common- sense, this provides a new active candidate pool, of job seekers, who often are not open for changing jobs. They are experienced, highly skilled and as of now, affordable.

3. Can I offer candidates with lower salary compared to their last drawn one?

While almost everyone is sympathetic and agreeable to this, we suggest that your negotiation starts with current salary as a bare minimum. A lower salary could bring in short term benefits but in a longer run, you’ll risk losing your candidates to other employers with more attractive packages.

4. What if most of my candidates hesitate to apply?

Regardless of your job advertisement or branding boost, as a human being, we ultimately have the need to secure our job. It’s sensible to approach with conversations of transparency, prospect and empathy.

  • Explain to them why you keep hiring during this challenging time i.e. the need to continue business or on-going undisrupted growth plan.
  • Show them the plan in the long haul in which they can see themselves as a part of that future of the organisation.
  • Convince them that this is the time to be courageous. While the majority of candidates are reactive, fortune will favour the bold.

5. Finally, how can my recruitment agency be my partner through this challenge?

Your external recruiters are often with you in good times; however, they are the ones to help when things get tough. They now can switch to offer extra values instead of purely sourcing candidates.

  • They can help communicate to the market that you are hiring despite the challenge.
  • They can help to convince best available candidates to join your company.
  • They can provide consultation when employers scuffle with package negotiation.

Finally, if your recruitment partner is still there maintaining their workforce and providing services, they will be able to sustain and be your long-term partner.

Remember, Adecco has always got your back with our guiding principles during this time:

  • People first – health and wellbeing above all else 
  • Be there for clients – supporting clients reliably through this period
  • Don’t waste a crisis – drive business continuity through cash and cost management; seize opportunities to position ourselves ahead of the curve as the pandemic radically reshapes the working world.

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