The Importance of Reference Check

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2018 marks some significant shifts in labour movement within Vietnam labour industry. With 16 bilateral and multilateral free trade agreements, Vietnam is set to attract a significant increase in foreign direct investment (FDI). With these opportunities in hands, the demand for skilled candidates in Vietnam market becoming more rivalry than ever. Yet, with many international corporates enter and invest in the market, the demand for professional executive search and reference check also on the rise.

The reference check is one vital step in your recruitment process, especially for finance & banking corporations.

No matter how amazing the candidate on paper and perform in interviews, you should not let skip this crucial step.

It gives you a detailed view of the candidate

The best way to predict the candidate’s future performance is to base on their past working experience. And the best source is feedback from ex-college and managers. The information gathered during the reference check is directly related to the key attributes of the position you’re looking for and also can help you verify the information presented by the candidate during the interview. The practice also helps us to determine the grey area in the candidate’s information, such as the reason why they left the jobs or their failures in details.

It smoothens your recruitment process

With additional information from the reference check, you can justify your decision with the top management level easier. Detailed information on the candidate’s performance, attitude and working style can demonstrate a better picture on the candidate, hence explain your hiring decision. A better understanding of the candidate can help you create a better experiment with your new employee, from preparing the first day to the working style later on.

It helps you avoid the wrong hires

The cost of wrong hiring is not only laid on the company’s budget, but also on its time and current employees. Financial cost includes hiring (advertising, screening, interviewing by human resources and management) and onboarding (training, management and oversight). However, this is not the most crucial part.

Wrong hires can lead to serious damage in your team and company culture, which will take more than money to recover. When you hire and keep the wrong hires, your employees will also question your ability as a manager and leader.

In conclusion, hiring new employees involves a lot of time, effort and cost. The reference check is a crucial practice to help to maximize the time and money spend on hiring the right candidate. If you’re not sure on this practice, reach out to our specialist – Ms. Mi Bui <> or +84 28 3636 5811 ext. 39 for more information.

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