Unlocking Top Talent in Vietnam: Adecco's Winning Strategy

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In a world driven by innovation and competition, recruiting and nurturing top talents is the cornerstone of business excellence. At Adecco, we understand the pivotal role that talent plays in driving success. This is why we've forged a unique connection with Vietnam's extraordinary education system.

Despite the never-ending debate on how graduates in Vietnam can use their school knowledge to apply best to their professional life, it's no secret that Vietnam's education system has earned international acclaim, and it's not just hype. According to The Economist, Vietnamese students not only outperform their peers in Malaysia and Thailand but also those from the UK and Canada. What sets Vietnamese education apart? It's the effectiveness of its teachers. While their qualifications may not surpass others, their teaching efficacy is truly remarkable.

In Vietnam, provinces are mandated to allocate 20 percent of their budgets to education. Education is central to the nation's reform strategy, recognizing that a thriving economy requires an educated and skilled workforce. The "Education For All" action plan has further expanded vocational and out-of-school learning to meet the demands of emerging economic sectors. The 2018 The World Bank report highlights Vietnam as one of the most impressive education system developers in the East Asia-Pacific region.

Adecco harnesses the strengths of Vietnam's education system to ensure fresh graduate’s joining us are not just good; they have exceptional Talent and Top-tier expertise. Here's how:

  • Skills Development: We're committed to equipping our new employees with the latest skills and knowledge necessary for success in the job market.
  • Mentorship: Integral to our recruitment approach, our mentorship programs help our fresh employees adapt seamlessly to the demands of the modern workplace, ensuring their success and contributing to our clients' growth.
  • Tough Selection: Our recruitment process is highly selective, focusing on identifying the best candidates who not only possess strong academic backgrounds but also exhibit essential soft skills and adaptability needed for today's dynamic workforce. Our recent Vietnam CEO For One Month, Thanh Nguyen (Zayn) who made his final dash to global top 10 finalists, is a great example for Adecco's talent acquisition and development.

At The Adecco Group, our graduate joiners and fresh graduates, are indeed excellent, high-quality, and top talent. We don't just connect you with talent; we cultivate it for long-term success. If you're interested in business opportunities with us in Vietnam or looking for top-notch talent, connect with me today or visit our Adecco Vietnam Website. Let's make excellence happen together!

About Adecco Vietnam

Established in Vietnam in 2011, Adecco Vietnam – a member of The Adecco Group - is the leading Payroll, Recruitment & Outsourcing Agency in Vietnam. We provide one-stop solutions for all Human Resources needs. Operating for more than 60 years, The Adecco Group has 38,000+ passionate employees in 5,000+ branches across 60 countries and territories worldwide.

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