No such thing as a talent shortage: How to recruit smarter in 2023

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If this year has seemed like a struggle for the recruitment and human resources areas of your business, you are not alone. Acquiring and retaining talent in 2023 has not been easy, and senior leaders in organisations of all levels have been struggling to forge a path. Growth in the global economy has been weighed down by stubbornly high inflation, the fallout of the global energy crisis, and policy tightening by central banks. As a result, global growth is forecast to fall from 3.5% in 2022 to 3% in 2023 and 2024, and talent strategies are falling down the priority ladder in favour of financial consolidation. Organisations need to chart a path back to growth and they need skilled workers to do so – but a growing skills gap continues to plague efforts.

The recruitment landscape is becoming increasingly challenging and multifaceted. Companies are finding it difficult to recruit the talent they need but they tend to overestimate the impact of external factors on their struggle. What if the talent scarcity crisis isn’t as significant to recruitment as it has been built up to be? What if smart, targeted talent strategies can turn the tides for struggling businesses?

This whitepaper will discuss the impacts of a tight labour market and a sluggish global economy, but also demonstrate that the solutions to these difficulties are well within organisations’ field of influence. This complex environment demands a new approach to recruitment and retention: one that prioritises open communication and mutual trust between workers and organisations, and which seeks to boost employability throughout the global workforce through skills and adaptability.

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