7 suggestions for an effective employee induction process

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Do you remember your first day, or a week, at work? Did you struggle to settle into new environments? You may feel lost in translation, but as a manager or team leader, do you want the same thing for your new talents? If done correctly, the employee induction process can boost your new hires’ work motivation and performance up to 11.5%, according to LinkedIn. But how to get it right?

Here are 7 suggestions for forming a successful employee induction process.

Create a checklist

An induction checklist will help you follow and cover all necessary tasks. Make your list elaborated with details of all activities needed to be done, such as paperwork, company tour, personal introduction, meetings with managers, etc.

Information overload is inevitable to a new employee in the first week. Hence, don’t attempt to deliver all items in your checklist in the onboarding day. Instead, work on a logical schedule for each activity so that your new recruits can absorb information and adapt to a new workplace better.

Start inducting before the first day

Don’t wait until their first day to start your induction process. Alternately, once the job offer is accepted, you can send out an important company policy, employee value proposition (EVP) or employee starter forms for their filling beforehand. Paint a big picture of your company before the starting day would definitely help them feel more welcomed and enthusiastic for the new position. And don’t forget to add them to employee social media groups if you have any.

Prepare a welcome kit

One of the best ways to create a meaningful first impression and positive impact on the newcomer, who is probably nervous on his/her first day, is to make them feel welcome with a gift. You can make use of a wide range of branded stationery or your company merchandise products such as business card, notebook, pen, T-shirt, water bottle, bag, cap, etc.

Besides some useful goods, make sure you have all needed induction materials ready for them. They would need to go through these materials as a reference before, during or after each of your induction activity.

Tailor your induction

Apparently, parts of your induction content are general and utilized for many induction sessions. However, it’s also worth time to tailor each induction plan individually to meet the new staffs’ specific needs. For instance, if you employ a new Recruiter for the HR team, make sure they have essential information regarding your current personnel strategy, hiring demand or interview etiquette.

Introduce your industry

Although your new recruit is a senior with years of experience, there is a chance that he/she is not familiar with your industry. Therefore, always present a brief introduction of the industry and also your business’s place in it. Don’t make it too hard to take with specialized knowledge, instead, directly give them in-depth information that they would need for future works is highly recommended.

Follow up in a few weeks

Complete induction program doesn’t guarantee that the new starters are able to transition smoothly into the workplace. Thus, it is vital to continue to stay close with more discussions on how well they integrated into a new environment or what obstacles they are facing in their works and provide your instruction as needed.

Ask for feedback

A simple way to advance your induction program is to ask for constructive feedback from your recent hires. You can conduct a form or survey to gain insightful comments on what could be improved, or eliminated, from the induction agenda. This form can also be anonymous, so the recipients feel easier to give their honest thoughts.


Your effort of planning and improving the induction process can reap a huge impact on your employee satisfaction at work. Remember to be open and actively listen to suggestions so that you can bring better experiences to the next new hires.

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