Headhunting service and 4 vital benefits you need to know

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Should you turn to a headhunting service to fill your vacancies? Make sure to check out the strategic advantages below before making your final decision.

Nowadays, the competitive and candidate-driven job market makes it harder to search and recruit top talents, especially for Senior, Specialist and C-level positions. The traditional method – in which you advertise the vacancy on a job site and expect for qualified applications - still works, but no longer the ultimate choice. A more direct approach, with the help from headhunting service, can benefit your hiring process more than the former way..

4 undeniable benefits of headhunting service:

Headhunters have a broad understanding of the market and industry

Most headhunters are experienced recruiters who specialized in one or a few industries and functions. They have their ear on the ground and always catch up with the latest trends in the candidate-tight market to know how and where to find prospective candidates. Besides, they have their own talent pool to contact and professional knowledge to evaluate the candidates’ qualifications.

Therefore, they know how to find the right fit for a vacancy in the minimum amount of time, while you also get more shields to protect you from bad hiring decisions. Besides, their insights on the labor market make them better at salary negotiation, which is a crucial stage to make or break the deal with a promising candidate.

Headhunters can reach out to passive candidates

Your best candidates could already have a position elsewhere and do not have time or energy to start the job search process, even when they are not happy at work. Hence, they will rarely join the job seeker communities and not actively respond to your job posts. Without headhunting service, it’s nearly impossible for internal HR team with traditional hiring method to connect with this candidate audience.

People are likely to listen to new opportunities. Headhunters, in this case, have a network to identify and directly approach the perfect match, as well as skills and techniques to persuade these passive candidates making their employment change.

Headhunting service can save your time and money

Do your vacancy announcements receive hundreds of applications? That may seem like a good sign at first, but then when it’s time to sift through all of them, you will find how frustrated it is to waste your time on unqualified profiles. Besides, the HR department often has too much on its plate and hardly focuses on the time-consuming procedure of job post preparing, advertising, sorting and interviewing.

A headhunting agency will surely simplify your headache. Headhunters will gather, evaluate and interview suitable CVs to list out the most potential ones. Then, you only need to cherry-pick from 3 to 5 candidates who best fit your requirements. You will significantly save your time and effort, also let your HR colleagues release the heavy burden of recruiting.

Working with headhunters seems to be more expensive than the traditional way. However, once weighed against all hiring cost, from promoting, screening and interviewing candidates, to the risk of turnover and bad hire cases, it’s cost-effective in the long haul.

Headhunters guarantee your confidentiality

One noticeable benefit of working with a headhunting agency is its confidentiality. In certain scenarios that you don’t want to recruit publicly – it may be that you want to replace an existing under-performing executive or plan to start a new product – headhunting service can help to keep your privacy.

Headhunter highly aware and respect your sensitive situation, hence they will never reveal your name when looking for suitable replacements. Your non-performing employees or competitors will have no clue on your personnel and business status.


You will have the chance to completely focus on your business growth when a good HR firm assists you in managing your personnel. At Adecco, our HR experts are always willing to provide you with the world-class headhunting, also payroll and staffing solutions. Contact us now for a stress-free workforce via our email vn.info@adecco.com or our telephone (84) 28 3636 5811 (Ho Chi Minh City Office) or (84) 24 3218 1190 (Hanoi Office).

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