How Reference Check ensures the right match for your business

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Read on to understand how we conduct Reference Checks with a quick turnaround to ensure the quality of hires.

Human resource is a key component in growing a business. Implementing reference checks in the hiring process allows the businesses to have a thorough understanding of the candidates while gaining a “quality assurance” for each hire.

Client overview

Our client is one of the leading E-commerce platforms in Southeast Asia

The challenges

E-commerce is a dynamic and fast-growing industry, and also a competitive hiring market. To retain the best talents, we need to deliver service within 10 working days, usually 3-5 working days, which is much shorter than the standard of 15 working days. Our monthly request is 35 cases on average, and around 40% of those are urgent.

Plus, candidates whose previous employers are competitors tend to hesitate and pull back when aware of this step.

Also, the requirement for each role is unique since our client has been hiring for diverse vacancies. This requires seasoned executors to consult and navigate the inquiries. The team also needs to keep a balance between clients, candidates as well as other stakeholders.

Our solutions

In terms of on-time report delivery: We prioritize and set a special timeline for urgent cases.  On one hand, we closely follow up with each candidate to collect needed information within 1-2 working days. On the other hand, we frequently involve and keep our client updated with the process.

In case of sensitive issues: We clarify every step and detail of the reference check process with candidates. Still, some are hesitant as they don’t want former employers or colleagues to know their next destination. Then, the check will be postponed till the candidates onboard at the new destination, or at least after their last working day.

To ensure excellent service quality: We keep our client posted immediately when any issue arises. This helps the client understand the problems and make timely decisions for their new hires. We also learn about clients’ requirements, expectations, and the internal recruitment process to deliver the optimal service.

The results

For all cases, urgent or not, we delivered 98% of them on time, with detailed reports including employment and education. Some cases are pending, or only able to deliver – the employment part, due to the degree verification timeline of each educational institute, or other objective reasons.

Our client is satisfied with report quality, accuracy, and lead time, especially for urgent cases. They appreciate the team's effort to always promptly support and deliver quick results. Because of that, they just renewed the service contract with Adecco.

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