2-minute quiz: Is your workplace toxic?

Career Development

Are you dreading going into the office? Are you often feel burnt out? You can’t leave work at the door? That could be normal job stress, or worse, you’re in a toxic workplace. Take this quiz to find out before wrongly placing the blame on yourself!

We all have bored Mondays, rough weeks, and sometimes even stressful months at work. Yet, you typically can survive all these challenges and grow. That’s like the nature of a job. A toxic workplace, on the other hand, continuously spells anxiety and snags for you, without a break. It hurts your productivity while taking a toll on your mental and physical wellbeing.

If you’re here taking this quiz, you might already realize something is off.

Now, let’s find out if you’re dealing with a toxic workplace or just generalized work pressure.

Let’s check the result!

  • 24 points or less: Your workplace doesn’t seem toxic.
  • From 25 – 35 points: Your workplace is probably mildly toxic.
  • From 36 points or more: Chances are your workplace is toxic.

Now, you might breathe a sigh of relief that things are good, or face the reality that your workplace is, like, kind of toxic. Leaving or staying is up to your serious consideration since each of us has our own reasons.

In either case, we’ve prepared the next steps for you. It’s a real bummer to find yourself in a toxic workplace, but you can exploit this plight to make sure you never experience it again. Learn how to stay sane in the face of toxicity and spot its signs next time you’re looking for a new role. Good luck, buddy!

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