Tips On How To Nail A Skype Job Interview

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Skype interview gives way for people to experience real-time interviews internationally. That means, no matter how far people are, they are still given the chance to get in touch with each other without spending too much time. In recruitment, the software offers a viable alternative to crossing time zones across the world for only a 30-minute to 2-hour job interview. During this age of international recruitment, smart people will search for tips to ace a Skype interview. 

How can an aspirant prepare for a Skype job interview? Here are some tips:

Learn How to Do the Digital Handshake

As posted in The Muse the first five seconds of a Skype interview is an important factor that will make or break one's digital interview. That's why it's important to maximize the opportunity by leaving a good and positive impression during that moment. One can do that by creating and perfecting a digital handshake. "Think a 'slow, confident, professional, firm nod' with 'a slight shoulder bend and eyes forward — the other person should not see the top of your head,'" shared Paul Bailo, a digital marketing technology executive and author of "The Essential Digital Interview Handbook." The gesture shows that an aspirant is ready to get down into business and is passionate to be there.

Be Professional

One thing that can make an aspirant look more professional is by maintaining a good eye contact. He or she can do that by focusing his or her eyes towards the camera. It may be difficult to keep it that way and make eye contact with the recruiter especially that's it's so tempting to stare in the image of one self and that of the interviewer on the computer screen. But according to a blog review site for Skype, the effort is all worth it. So train to focus

Practice the Job Interview First

"Conduct a practice interview with a friend, and record it so that you'll have an accurate idea of how you come across on video," advised Cheryl Palmer, career coach and owner of Call to Career, a career coaching service. By doing so, it would be easier for an aspirant to figure out one's hand gestures, where to look, and how loudly to speak during the Skype job interview, as stated in the business site, Forbes.

 These Skype interview tips are of great help for every aspirant to do well in his or her Skype interview. Always keep the mind focused on these and surely one will get hired in no time.

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