Online Hiring & Onboarding in the New Normal: Human touch stays fundamental in the digital recruitment revolution

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July 29, 2022, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam: Adecco Vietnam's latest survey aims to assess the experience of employers and candidates toward the online recruitment practice, their perceptions of the hiring and onboarding in the new future of work, and shed light on room for improvements.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the way we work, including how companies are hiring and onboarding new members. As organizations make remote work more and more the norm, creating a smooth online hiring and onboarding process for new hires will be key to effectively engaging newcomers with the team and the work culture.

To define this revolution, Adecco Vietnam conducted a countrywide survey in May 2022 with the topic "Online Hiring & Onboarding in the New Normal". The survey receives a total sample of 483 responses from both employers and candidates/employees.

From the survey findings, there is no doubt that as we enter the digital recruiting revolution, human connections stay fundamental.

Ms. Thanh Le, Country Director, Adecco Vietnam, remarks, “Technology with Internet, AI, machine learning, video, and chatbots have streamlined and improved hiring and onboarding efficiency. Every online impression and click represents a potential hire. And, as remote work becomes the new norm, we're at a tipping point when a lot will change quickly. Technology will continue to grow, become a competitive edge, and have a significant impact on how we recruit, hire, and retain talents.

Nonetheless, from this survey, what we all see is employers should find the right balance between innovations and the human touch in recruiting. Because, although we term the process "online" and developed it using digital tools, it’s still geared toward “human”. Technology is the future, but human touch and real-life experiences are irreplaceable and remain the key feature in the future of work.

You can exploit technology to remove the redundant hassles and take over tedious tasks such as call scheduling and data management, then free up your time to invest in insightful conversations with prospects, or devise methods to enhance the onboarding experience. (…) As you can see, we always have ways to infuse virtual recruitment with a bit of human charm and make candidates or new hires feel they truly matter. From what I know, they’ll appreciate your efforts, and even if they don’t join this time, they’ll return when they’re ready for the next career move.

Some key findings:

  • Nearly 40% of employers start arranging online interviews after COVID-19.
  • 35% share that they didn't use online onboarding before COVID-19, but now they do.
  • 59% of candidates and employees have experienced both online hiring and onboarding in the past time. Around 65% are happy with the online hiring process, and nearly 45% are satisfied with the online onboarding.
  • When asked about the quality of hires, which could be the most crucial metric, 24% of businesses record better hires, 60% say it remains the same, and the rest 16% report a minor drop-off.
  • Employers’ top concerns when moving to the online environment are the lack of personal touch, the difficulty in personality evaluation, the challenges when building relationships with colleagues, the lack of engagement during initial training sessions, and interruptions in communication.
  • 92% of HR pros use additional evaluation methods. The reference check is the most common choice (52%), then work assignments and job knowledge tests follow closely.
  • Online hiring and onboarding will be the norm in the future of work, according to 77% of employers and 69% of candidates.
  • Over 70% of candidates believe that firms should adopt online recruiting and onboarding tools, demonstrating their preference for online practice. 54% even say those who slow-to-evolve will fall behind in the war for talent.

Special thanks to our trusted partner who contributed to the analysis: Ms. Trang Cap, HR Director, Vietnam & Cambodia, and Secure Power East Asia Japan, Schneider Electric

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