Why temporary HR outsourcing be the ultimate solution during COVID-19?

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Hiring during COVID-19 is tough, which is why many of them turn to temporary HR outsourcing services. They can provide a solution to some of the skill-related and staffing problems that many companies face.

Find out how the temporary HR outsourcing service can help during this time


  • Strengthen your business continuity plan

What would happen if your employees suddenly informed being quarantined in the next 14 days, while your business desperately needs continuous support?

Adecco can provide the back-up resource for admin and supporting function within 24 hours of request.

  • Take advantage of our cost-effective solution

Unable to keep your employees full-time? COVID 19 is taking a toll on majority of industries. To survive in this volatile and uncertain environment, some businesses might have to let go part of their teams, due to cash squeeze, leaving some essential tasks being unattended or reorganized.

The temporary outsourcing service of Adecco might help you sail through this challenging time in the most cost-effective manner compared to hiring in-house option.

  • Fill temporary positions immediately

Uncertain time makes sense for all businesses to hold off new hires, while you need someone to step in to help immediately.

Joining forces with Adecco can be a flexible, low risky and quick turnaround solution. We will speed up the hiring process and find you the right people.

Remember, Adecco has always got your back with our guiding principles during this time:

  • People first – health and wellbeing above all else 
  • Be there for clients – supporting clients reliably through this period
  • Don’t waste a crisis – drive business continuity through cash and cost management; seize opportunities to position ourselves ahead of the curve as the pandemic radically reshapes the working world.

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