Top 10 In-Demand Skills for 2025

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COVID-19, the transition to a green economy, and technological advances have disrupted work and made digital skills essential for workers as they prepare for the future. In fact, our 2021 Resetting Normal research revealed a universal appetite for mass upskilling, with 69 per cent of those surveyed asking for additional digital training opportunities in the aftermath of the pandemic.

A shortage of talent has also made skill training increasingly important. The talent and skills gap affects many industries today, from manufacturing to supply chain and accounting. The Deloitte CFO Signals High Level Report indicated that talent/labour and related issues outweighed other priorities among CFOs for 2022. Besides attracting new talent (and the right talent), CFOs emphasized the importance of upskilling current employees.

So, what skills will be in demand in the near future?

A list of the most in-demand skills in the future

COVID-19 requires companies to scale remote work, digitalize, and automate. According to the World Economic Forum’s Jobs Reset Summit, numerous new roles rely heavily on disruptive technology skills.

The Future of Jobs Report projects that, by 2025, people and machines will work the same amount of hours. Automation will displace around 85 million jobs – mostly manual and repetitive roles, ranging from assembly factory workers to accountants.

The same report predicts that the following skills will be in high demand by 2025:

  • Data Science & Cloud Computing (Cloud computing goes hand in hand with data science, and cloud computing jobs range from architects and developers to data scientists)
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML)
  • Big Data Science
  • Digital Marketing & Strategy
  • Process Automation
  • Business development
  • Digital Transformation
  • Information Security (including the cybersecurity subset of information security)
  • Software and Application Development (UX/UI, blockchain programming)
  • Internet of Things

However, the most in-demand skills are a mix of hard and soft skills. So besides technology skills, the list includes also skills like:

  • Problem-solving
  • Self-management
  • Working with people.

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