Generations & COVID-19: Same pandemic, diverse experiences, and different workplace expectations

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Aug 09, 2021, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam: Adecco Vietnam’s latest survey examines the influences of the COVID-19 pandemic on each generation and clarifies how each generation responds to those impacts. The survey focuses on 3 main aspects: hybrid work, reskilling & mental health.

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Adecco Vietnam conducted a countrywide survey in July 2021 with the topic "Hybrid work, Reskilling & Mental health: Perspectives from each generation".

The survey receives a total sample of 650 responses from all generations, with Gen Y and Gen X making up the majority. Most survey respondents are working in businesses with less than 1000 employees in various industries.

This pandemic is both a challenge and an opportunity for businesses to reinvent themselves. Companies can make the most of it by focus not only on business continuity but on taking care of their people. Andree Mangels, General Director, Adecco Vietnam, considers "This is uncertain time - hence anxiety - for everyone. Thus while promoting physical distancing and turning to a hybrid workforce, we need to foster human connection and understanding between people more than ever. By prioritizing investment in people, employers can make sure that nobody gets left behind in the transition towards the post-COVID-19 workplace. Whether it's in reskilling or wellbeing, employers' efforts will improve employee engagement and efficiency, as well as talent retention and employer-of-choice branding. All of these, ultimately, ensure long-term and stable business performance.”

Some key findings:

  • Most of Gen Z wants to make work completely remotely. Gen Y and Gen X want a 50:50 split. 
  • The top 5 biggest challenges for all generations are “Issues with teamwork and communication” (57.1%), “Distractions at home” (48.5%), “Maintaining team engagement/motivation” (46.2%), “Physical workspace” (44.2%), and “Social isolation” (38.8%).
  • Regardless of the generation gap, responses show the monthly allowances for electricity or phone are most expected (64.3% of Gen Z, 54.8% of Gen Y, 57.7% of Gen X, and 77.8% of Baby Boomer). 
  • More than 53.7% of participants share they feel "more stressful" during the most recent outbreak compared to 2020. 
  • While about 80% of employees attach great importance to their mental health, nearly 33% of businesses do not offer any support in this aspect.
  • Flexibility and healthy work-life balance are the two most sought-after mental health support.
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