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The world of work is on the verge of a revolution. For the first time in history, data shows that 40% of the global workforce consider leaving their job, while 46% plan to move because they can now work remotely.

Great shifts in the perception of work lead to great currents sweeping through the working world. Let’s see what the latest trends are.

Are we ready for hybrid work?

From being skeptical, now more and more people are accepting that hybrid work is the future. Companies around the world are learning on the go while adapting this working model, including Microsoft. They recently published a report sharing how implementation is going on with their 160,000+ employees around the world.

The report highlights 7 trends:

  • Flexible work is here to stay;
  • Leaders are out of touch with employees and need a wake-up call;
  • High productivity is masking an exhausted workforce;
  • Gen Z is struggling more than other generations and needs to be re-energized;
  • Shrinking networks are endangering innovation;
  • Authenticity will spur productivity and wellbeing;
  • Talent is everywhere in a hybrid work world.

Read more here

Work needs to be more human

On par with hybrid working, mental resilience is the second theme driving the revolution. Personal emotions used to be considered unprofessional at work. But recent studies show that the pendulum has swung the other way.

The Work Trend Index survey by Microsoft shows that 1 in 6 people have cried with a coworker last year. Our research also points out 32% of respondents reported declining mental health compared to 2020.

After all, people are not robots. This needs to be said twice during tough times like this. Companies need to be aware and facilitate more space for employees to foster empathy and mental well-being at work.

Read this survey for more insights on workplace mental resilience in Vietnam.

How office space is changing

Goodbye traditional office space with closed rooms and cubicles. Thanks to remote working, companies are now using their space in more inspiring ways.

A report by real estate firm CBRE says that 60% of companies are redesigning their offices post-pandemic. Meeting rooms and open plan café-like seating areas are replacing offices — and where you sit no longer denotes your place in the hierarchy.

People want to be back at offices, but not for doing heads-down work. “They want to come back to collaborate and for team events”, said Susan Wasmund, the lead author of the report.

Read more at Axios

Fighting burnout: be intentional how you spend your time off

A great challenge of the new era is burnout. One straightforward solution is taking time off. But how do you make the most out of it?

HBR suggest us to set goals during time off, as research shows that people who set goals feel much happier than those who don’t. Even if it’s just lying in bed all day, being more intentional about relaxing can help you feel more rejuvenated.

Read more at Harvard Business Review.


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