COVID-19: What are the high demand jobs right now?

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Thinking of turning a new leaf in your career? Yet, logic is telling you to stay put as “no one’s hiring during Corona pandemic”, right? Not quite. Let’s look around and you will find some certain sectors are still looking for talents.

The Coronavirus outbreak has unexpectedly affected our world of work. Some people must work from home. Others are unemployed. But still some positions, quite the opposite, are more sought-after than ever. Are you curious about these hot and high demand jobs?

Let’s check out 4 high demand jobs in the current COVID-19 pandemic below.

Life-sciences & medical device manufacturing

Coronavirus doesn’t simply raise the demand in nurses, doctors or healthcare jobs. In reality, its rapid outbreak also leads to a growing shortage of medical equipment. The production has become more imperative to ensure the success of all treatment and control procedures. Even Vingroup has just deployed the ventilators and body temperature gauges production to supply the Vietnamese market.

Also, due to the tension between the US and China, firms are gradually shifting their production chains out of China, and Vietnam is considered as a potential manufacturing hub.

Then, what’s coming next? Hiring demand in industrial-related positions will go up, especially in the healthcare and manufacturing industry.

Media and Communication positions

Does social distancing make you “live” online?

For many people, self-quarantine means more social media. Brands know that. So, they take advantage of this time to launch media campaigns and attract people who spend hours online.

Professionals in media and communication have a full plate these days. They must keep up with the latest social trends while maintaining the business’s online presence. At the same time, they need to address the sensitive topic of coronavirus with the public and manage transparent communication with both internal and external sides.  All that means more work to be done!

Soon, you will find more job posts aim for these groups. Not only for permanent roles, but companies can also hire temporary or freelance positions to cope with the current unprecedented situation.

Information Technology positions

Glassdoor said that IT-related jobs, such as data specialists, are rising in demand. Why? Because we need to analyze data and predict disease risks, as well as its impacts on socio-economic activities.

Plus, the current situation poses the challenge of how to widely communicate about the virus. And develop smart working solutions and technology platforms for schools to teach and learn, and for businesses to work and manage remotely. Now, we have no choice but to kick-start the digital transformation, which entails the need for information technology positions.

Shippers or delivery drivers

Our house walls are now the shields protecting us from the risk of infection. While everyone is practicing self-isolation day in and day out, home delivery services becoming more paramount for online shopping and ordering. Some sellers work with third parties – usually through an app - to deliver food and goods. Some decide to develop their delivery team to keep the businesses alive under quarantine.

Even when you don’t prefer processed food, there’s still a fresher choice. Many shipping and delivery services respond quite quickly after the very first travel restriction statements. They provide a new service of buying necessities from grocery stores and delivering them to your homes. For example, the new GrabMart feature Grab app. This may not be a brand-new service, as supermarkets have adopted this process earlier. However, in the context of increasingly tightened restrictions, delivery services will undoubtedly look for more drivers to meet the users’ needs.

Bottom line

We understand that the COVID-19 has caused not-so-happy impacts on both life and work. If your business is looking for support to cope with this hard time, let’s see how a recruitment company helps for now. Or if unfortunately, you’re now unemployed, don’t be pessimistic. Spend quarantine time to take a break. Check out our Knowledge Center here for advice on upskilling yourself and how should you update your work experience in the CV. Don’t forget that we always got your back with
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