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Ho Chi Minh City, November 16, 2019.: Adecco Vietnam’s first edition of CEOs in 2050 Survey is released today, focusing on Generation Z – the main labour workforce in the future. The study investigates the top skills and qualities future CEOs need to lead, and how they prepare to take the leap.

To help you develop your playbook for hiring Gen Z, here’s everything you need to know

In Vietnam, Gen-Zers make up one-seventh of the country’s population. Born between 1995 and 2015, they exist in a world where the line of the physical and digital world is blurry at best. They start to emerge and become leaders in the future. The survey aims to better understand how Gen Z thinks about their role as CEOs in 2050. The results show that 70% agreed that CEOs in 2050 still need to be University qualified, reflecting the importance of formal education, while at the same time noting that 66.7% Gen Z believe soft skills will be more important than technical skills.

Essential CEO skills: people management and leadership

Gen Z believes People Management & Leadership are the two most important skills current CEOs need to work on. Additionally, one third think CEOs must possess Emotional Intelligence (28.8%), followed by Creativity (24,3%) and Self-awareness (24.3%).

Looking forward to 2050, Gen Z-ers characterized future CEOs as strong leaders, excellent communicators, and data-driven decision makers. However, data-driven decision making is the skill that Gen Z feels underprepared. Additionally, more than one third think their current education should help them build up skillset in Negotiation, Agile project management, and Emotional Intelligence.

Mr. Andree Mangels, General Director, Adecco Malaysia & Vietnam, observes: ‘Globalisation and technology advancement demand a new leadership style, which requires data-driven decision-making skills and effective people management. Gen Z is a remarkable generation. They are self-conscious about who they are, what they want and which traits they need to enhance for success. Curiosity and fast learning agility are the key drivers for Gen Z to adapt to the ever-changing environment and will bring innovative solutions to the workforce.’

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