6 job search hacks in the middle of COVID-19

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Of course, it’s much harder to find a perfect job now. But as always, we got your back! Check out our tips here to make your job search in the COVID-19 time a success!

Are you a fresh graduate? Are you recently laid off? Or are you planning a career change? Whoever you are, one thing stays true: the job search process during COVID-19 is a hard-won game.

But you know what? All games have tutorials for the players to understand and beat them.

And here’s is your tutorial for a winning job search amidst COVID-19:

Sharpen your skills

Look on the bright side, this downtime gives you a break from work and an opportunity to upgrade yourself. As the labor market is changing in a hurry, various skills make you more employable

The question is, how can you know where to pick up?

Just look at the job descriptions. Note down the most common required skillsets to spot rooms for improvement. Probably you already master that specific skills. Or you are familiar with some of them but haven’t practiced for years. And maybe, they’re asking for entirely new techniques.

Analyze your current background to determine your L&D strategy to match your dream jobs.

Use remote-friendly keywords in your profile

job search in the COVID-19 time

COVID-19 is undoubtedly driving the prevalence of remote working.  And while the future stays unknown, employers would prioritize a candidate with previous experience of working remotely over someone new to the game.

Why so?

After the quarantine, companies now strongly focus on restart operations and save business costs. So, spending resources to train new hires on remote work and collaboration tools doesn’t seem like a productive choice.

In your application, detail your experiences with this practice. For example, “Lead virtual projects and manage a remote team of 14 employees spread across the world”. Also mention tech tools that you’ve been using, such as Microsoft Teams, G Suite, Zoom, Dropbox, VPN, or VoIP.

And again, you should include all relevant skills – telecommunicating, EQ, or time management as well!

Take your chance to learn about their culture

An unexpected plus of job hunting in times of COVID-19: you will get a unique glimpse at the company culture and job security.

Why are these features so important? Because they decide if you’ll be able to feel satisfied with the job, deliver superior performance, and grow your career with the business.

So check their social media pages and media coverage. Set Google alerts for your favorable employers. Look at how the management team strives to deal with grievous economic challenges. And how they take care of their employees. Are they allow the staff to work from home? Are they provided with any mental health and wellbeing support during the outbreak? Did they go through salaries cut or lay off?

Keep your eyes open to find a great place to work for a long haul, not temporarily.

Utilize your network

job search in the COVID-19 time 02

If you didn't know yet, most companies nowadays run employee referral programs - as this is one of the best ways to hire. So, it’s very likely that your family, your relatives, your friends, and your LinkedIn connections know some positions that suit you. And sure, they would love to refer you to a good job, as they also earn some nice bonus out of it. Win-win, right?

Plus, you can join online professional groups, forums, and virtual networking events to expand your network and reach out to more experts in your industry of choice.

Simply put, just ask around and tell them about your career path. Even if they have nothing at hand, they might keep in mind and reach out later.

Follow up politely

As mentioned earlier, business owners are paying attention to navigate the challenges of today’s new normal. That’s means, once you decide to start a job search in the COVD-19 era, be prepared for delays in communications.

We understand that sometimes it’s so anxious to wait for days or even weeks. You’ll want to follow up, especially for those who are already unemployed now.

That’s ok. But do it politely. Give them roughly 4-5 business days between each contact. You can send emails first (we highly recommend this!), LinkedIn message, or pick up the phone to ask for the next steps.

Keep things short and sweet. And don’t call after work hours or be aggressive. It’s absolute won’t get you the job!

Finally, don’t give up!

No one can say job hunting is an easy game, even in normal circumstances. You might face many rejections and take a while to get in the interviews. That’s normal. The top-notch gets denials sometimes.

Just keep calm. Don't panic. Take a deep breath and stay resilient. Check out our latest open positions here and follow our tips above. Believe that your job search journey in the age of COVID-19 will be a happy ending story!

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