How to Make Your New Employee’s Best First Day of Work?

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After a considerate time of executive search and negotiation, your new hire is going to work next week. However, the first day of work can be overwhelmed by anyone, even when the new employee is at the senior level. To help the newbie transition to her/his new position in the smoothest way, check out suggestions from Adecco HR experts below.

Before They Arrive: Tips to Prepare for Your Employees' First Day of Work

Announcement and Introduction matter

The new employee, regardless of level and title, needs to feel welcomed since the induction process. Before the employee’s arrival, an announcement email should be sent out, which includes new employee’s basic information as name, title, team and hobbies. Your current employees won’t have a blank face of a surprise when you introduce the new employee and have some clues to break the ice.

After the newcomer arrives, a company short tour is highly recommended. This tour will not only help the newbie get to know the company map, but also a brief introduction to the team.

Prepare your welcome kit

Your welcome kit, along with stationery, should be ready at the new comer’s desk a day before. At Adecco, our welcome kit includes Adecco employee handbook and Adecco merchandise (notebook, leather folder, T-shirt, raincoat and helmet). This not only helps the employee feel welcomed and prepared but also shed a light on your company professionalism and culture.

Prioritize your Induction plan

A well-thought-out induction plan is a key priority. This gives the newcomer profound pictures of the firm and its teams. However, be careful not to over complicated or go into too many details, as this is only the employees’ first day.

As the #1 HR service provider, Adecco plans a full induction program for our newcomers, including short meetings with our General Director and each department. This program will be spread out over the first month of the employee, which helps the employee to digest new information instead of being overwhelmed.

A welcome lunch

Sounds simple, right? This is a very effective way for your team and the new employee to get to know each other. Everything is better is food, and even greater with good food. You can bring your team to a favourite local eatery, an after-work happy hour, or host a team lunch when everyone contributes a dish.

Don’t forget your tasks

Your attitude matters. Make sure your excitement of welcoming and working with the newbie is shown, and you are a helpful guide for his/her new journey. Don’t forget to check-in at the end of the first week and month, to give the new hire a chance to ask for questions and support


Recruit a new team member is a tough process, however, this process only worth it if you can retain that talent. Creating your new employee’s best first day is a great way to start this long-term goal. For more tips on how to retain talents and support on your executive search process, connect with Adecco experts now!

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