Love vs Recruitment process: Why they are so relatable?

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Have you ever thought about the resemblances of the love and recruitment process? This Valentine’s Day sees how surprisingly close these two concepts are.

Love and Recruitment process, it seems like they are as different as chalk and cheese, aren’t they? Upon closer inspection, you will realize both include basic steps such as the profile screening, first date, an offer – or the love confession. Also, they are both important aspects of your life!

On this Valentine, we have listed out some key points truly prove that love and recruitment process are not that different:

Your social media impression

Personal or professional, your online presence does matter. By a quick search on Google or Facebook, people can easily identify your social profiles and have their very first impression of who you are as a person. It is essential to optimize these profiles and make them employer-friendly, especially on professional networking sites like LinkedIn - with your latest experience before starting the job-seeking process.   

Your nerves in the first meet

The first interview could be just like the first date. That’s when both parties have been through a few brief interactions by emails, messages, or calls and have a level of curiosity at the other. The key to lessening the pressure and be interesting in your first meet is to show – not just tell – them about your passions or what you are good at. If you are a pet lover, show pictures of your pets. If you are a master in drawing, let them see your most satisfying creations.

Now, apply the same practice to your first interview. Bring with you a portfolio to effectively convince the recruiter of your qualifications. Then you do not have to repeat a few statements that they will never hear the last of them during the recruitment process. This method also works in boosting your confidence as you are talking about your familiar fields.

When to follow up

After a great first date, you are probably eager to reach out again but hesitate about how long you should wait for that. Contact too early seems to be too keen, but at the same time, you do not want to make your date think that you weren’t interested.

When it comes to recruitment, you should send a thank-you note after your interviews. Then, a follow-up email within 4-5 business days is appropriate. This approach also shows your enthusiasm for the recruitment process.

The new relationships in your life

When you and the recruiters are both agree on the offer, it’s time for a new role in your career path! You may take time to adjust to the new work environment, also your new colleagues. There will be ups and downs, but you will have chances to learn new skills and widen your professional network at the new position.

The same thing also happens in dating - if you and your date are both happy, then congratulations on finding your “the one”! Switching from “single” to “in a relationship” will be confusing at first, as you’re letting another person step into your life. Again, every romantic relationship goes through periods that both of you are not on the same page. Whether or not it is a “happy ever after” story, it is still your chance to become a more caring person.

Bottom line

Looking for a perfect match is challenging, even in romance, job search or recruitment process. While we are likely unable to help with your love life, we still can offer you loads of support in your career. If you’re looking to outsource your HR functions to a trustworthy agency, check out our Recruitment, Payroll & Staffing and Human capital solutions services now. Or, if you’re about to leave your current job and search for a new role, check out our Career page now to discover exciting opportunities open to you!

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