4 undeniable signs that it’s time to leave your job

Career Development

Some days, you've struggled to start a working day when the alarm goes off and huge tasks are waiting. Some days, you realize you’re no longer excited to start a new project. It can happen to all of us, but what if they become the deal-breakers, and you really need to leave your job? Are you ready to take the leap and jump into a greener pasture?  

If you’re on the fence about whether you should stay or leave your job, consider the four signs below to make your final decision.    

The lack of future growth

Every job should enhance your experience and broaden your career path. However, your current one does not offer you the opportunities to build on new skills or improve your core qualifications. 

To keep moving forward, you need to work on new projects, collaborate with new colleagues, receive constructive feedback on your performance and attend courses, training sessions, or conferences to learn and benefit your professional growth. If you continue working on the same old thing, find no room for advancement and get no investment in your career from the management team, it’s time to seek employment elsewhere.

Meaningless outcomes

Do you believe in and support the positive impact of what and how your business is doing? Do you feel proud and delight about the outcomes of your job? Or, do you perceive that your works are redundant, or the business practices are unethical?

You simply can’t commit to one position and find happiness at work if you remain skeptical about your role and your company values/missions. Consequently, success is likely beyond your reach.

Toxic working environment

The toxic environment is one where negative work settings - such as bullying, overworking, sexual harassment, office gossip or high handed and dictatorial manner – exist without control. Basically, a toxic working environment will impact your work motivation, then your productivity. Stressors from toxic workplace also harm your physical and psychological health, research from Stanford Graduate School of Business found.

Talk to your leaders if you realize any inappropriate behaviors in the workplace. Once you find it’s hopeless to advance the situation, it’s better for you to start something new.

Suffer work-life imbalance

All positions occasionally encounter with days that you have to work overtime or cancel a weekend plan to meet deadlines. Though, if the job constantly requires your extra time, you better leave the current job and find a new role that does not occupy your life.

Relentlessly worry about work make you more stressful and anxious. Also, your mind has no time to refresh, which is vital to stimulate your creativity and boost your mood naturally. Remember that, willing to work hard does not and will never be the same as forsaking your personal time and relationships.


If you’re nodding your head to these red flags, then it’s time to leave the job. Above all, you will spend 8 hours or more to work a day, then do you want to enjoy this time and move up your career ladder?

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