Attract top-notch candidates in COVID-19 era: Hard but not impossible!

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Offering above-average compensations isn’t the only way to attract top-notch candidates, especially in the current pandemic. Here’s what truly appeals to them.

Back to this Valentine, we wrote a blog about the similarity between Love and Recruitment. We mentioned lots of things, from the profile screening to starting a new romance. But it did not include an initial step in every relationship – how to attract the right person.

Again, your love life is out of our reach, but we (always!) have the best moves to help you attract top-notch candidates – even during the current unprecedented time!

And here are our best advice to attract top-notch candidates in times of COVID-19.

Build a healthy workplace – and promote it!

COVID-19 reminds job seekers of a commonly overlooked aspect in the job hunt - occupational safety and health. Both physically and mentally.

That’s means if you can’t guarantee a healthy work environment, you’re pushing top talents to your competitors!

So, pause for a moment and peek at your employees’ facial expressions. Are they being focus and productive, or yawning tiredly and having long faces?

Now, look around your office. Is it clean and hygienic? Are there any hand sanitizations or PPE available for your employees? Did you provide safety instructions and mental support during the quarantine?

We hope you say yes, as that’s when you can promote these practices on your owned platforms and prove yourself as a caring employer.

If you don’t, it’s not too late! Our Safely Back to Work guideline here has tips and advice to re-open your business while keeping everybody safe. Check it out and act now!

Attract top-notch talents with candidate-focused content

attract top-notch candidates

Getting questions proves that candidates are interested in positions. But isn’t it frustrated to be bombarded with the same questions again and again and again?

No matter how clear and detailed your job post is, there will always questions from candidates regarding application methods, interview rounds, team culture, work location and conditions, and so on. The less your information is present online, the more questions candidates will ask.

Save your time – and your moods - by bringing everything that authorized to light. It could be a FAQ series that covers most frequently asked questions from candidates. Some fun and dynamic videos to introduce your missions, core values, workplace, and culture. Also, update your company activities to highlight your growth and emphasize that you truly follow your business direction.  

Now when you knew what to tell them, let’s see how to tell them – and make them believe!

Promote advancement opportunity

Here are some numbers you should know.

59% of employees join a company for a better career path or opportunities, revealed by a LinkedIn Learning study.

87% of Millennials see career growth and development opportunities as a crucial factor in a job, according to Gallup “How Millennials Want to Work and Live” report.

And more than 51% of employees will leave a position that lack of professional development, revealed in the Adecco Vietnam Career Choices and the Motivations Survey.

So, yes, the first-class strives for excellence and advancement in their career. If you want to attract and retain them, showcase your solid learning and development programs.

Do you offer frequent training and workshops? Do you provide mentorship programs or hands-on training? Can employees access to high-quality learning materials and resources? Does your company have a clear promotions criteria and relocation options?

Include these assets throughout your recruitment campaign can illustrate their future at your business and gain their commitment for the long haul.

Involve your current employees – but only the happiest ones!

attract top-notch candidates 01

Imagine you’re shopping online for a new laptop. You spend hours surfing the web and reading all product-related information. Who will you trust more – the seller or the reviewer?

Sure, we can’t completely 100% on one side, but we all consider the reviews from buyers. If many people say a laptop is good, we tend to have more faith in that one.

And that’s exactly what will happen with your candidates. Now you’re a “job” seller, and hearing from you isn’t enough to build trust. They need to hear directly from real people behind the work, who are also on the same wavelength - your employees.

So, in your new recruitment strategy after the outbreak, remember to involve your most engaged and happiest candidates. Have them sharing actual and positive experiences at your company. Career advancement opportunities. Job satisfaction. Work appreciation. Healthy workplace (go back and reread our first tip!).

Their presence will humanize your brand and make it more compelling to top-notch candidates.

Have an employee referral program

HR professionals keep saying that referral is the best way to hire. It’s cheaper. It’s faster. It brings better hires. It lowers the turnover rate. How so?

Birds of a feather flock together. Your existing talents likely know some prospects. Then why don’t you turn your entire workforce into a talent scout?

Communicate the job requirements. Offer special incentives, monetary or non-monetary. Keep the referrers updated on the process. Track and measure your efforts. It takes time at first. But this is a superior recruiting tool that can attract top-flight candidates while lifting lots of burden from your in-house recruitment team shoulders.

Still struggling to find the best fits? Get professional help now!

The workforce landscape has been going through tremendous changes since the outbreak, and probably you’re now pulling out all the stops to manage a physical distancing workplace, engage employees after long weeks of remote working, and find ways to save HR costs. That’s already nerve-racking!

So, to take the stress out, just leave it for the pros. Consider working with an experienced recruitment agency. Talk about your needs and let them find you qualified candidates that fit your culture. Then, you only need to work with a shortlist of the best of the best and make your decision from there. Isn’t it much easier?

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