How to write a compelling job post to attract talents?

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Spend time crafting a compelling job description will help you stand out from others, attract more talents and also benefit your future hire.

Have you ever received numbers of unqualified CVs and took months to find the right fit? If you want to end this long and unpleasant process, get a better start now with your job post to attract talents! Don’t hesitate to practice these advice to optimize your recruiting process:

Introduce your company

Even though your company is well-known, don’t skip the introduction. People heard about your brand doesn’t mean they understand your workplace and culture.

Use this section to give the candidates basic information about how long you have been in business, your industry, missions, values and main projects or clients. Likewise, include some details of your company culture to ensure their cultural fit. Paint a general picture of your workplace will make it easier to filter unappropriated candidates from the start.

Be specific

The more the candidates understand the job requirements and responsibilities, the more you can save time screening unqualified applications. Hence, try to be as specific as possible with your job post.  

For example, in lieu of stating you’re looking for candidates with “minimum 5 years of experience”, give more details of your requirements, such as “minimum 5 years of experience in recruitment for C-level executive”. Similarly, don’t write “Content writing” as job responsibility if you actually need an expert in English content writing and translation.

Be honest

If the job usually requires full-day working on Saturday, don’t cover it by saying “Saturday half-day working”. Remember that employee quitting is worse than an open position. Therefore, don’t sugarcoat the job and risk the cost of hiring a wrong employee by purposely hiding some details from the candidates. Be honest and give candidates an accurate picture of their role to ensure you can make the right choice and possibly retain your talents later.

Be flexible with your requirements

A long and complicated list of qualifications can turn potential candidates off. In fact, not all of skill and experience requirements are must-have for the job.

Instead of presenting your qualifications wishlist, be realistic and split it into 2 separate sections: Required and Preferred. In the first part, list all essential qualifications needed to be considered for the position. The latter can include optional conditions, which can boost the chance of getting the job.

Make it noticeable and readable

To stand out from thousands of job posts nowadays, you will need more than long blocks of text. In fact, job posts include related visuals will get more attention, even better with videos. Besides, use your branding features for these materials will create a sense of professional and consistent of your business.

Readability also impacts the effectiveness of your job post. Accordingly, keep your sentences short, simple and use bullet points for easy scanning.

Share your compensation package

Compensation and benefits are crucial in the candidates’ decision to apply and accept a job offer later. You can state your salary range together with other monetary and non-monetary benefits such as insurance, commissions, travel or flexible working hours. By sharing what are you willing to pay for their role, you can easily shape candidates’ expectation and approach salary negotiation more efficiently.

Follow these advice will help you craft more impressive job posts, which you can save you lots of time and energy to attract talents. If you need expert support with recruitment talents, contact Adecco Vietnam now via our email or our telephone (84) 28 3636 5811 (Ho Chi Minh City Office) or (84) 24 3218 1190 (Hanoi Office)

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