5 achievable New Year’s recruiting resolutions for Talent Acquisition

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Don’t miss these New Year’s recruiting resolutions which all Talent Acquisition professionals should make to ensure a coming year flushed with success.

As 2019 is ending, it’s time for HR to reflect on their talent acquisition activities this year and rack their brains for strategies to win the recruiting war for talent in 2020. So, what New Year’s resolutions can help them go from good to great in 2020?

Here are 5 our suggestions for your recruiting activities in 2020: 

Work smarter, not harder

Somedays, you can feel as if 8 working hours are simply not enough to fulfill your roles and achieve your targets. Meanwhile, you need to maintain the work-life balance, otherwise, you will soon end up burning out. In these situations, you can blame others or save yourself by talking with your leaders about your workload or find ways to increase productivity at work. Start by drafting a list of your tasks, time spent on them and all distractions that you must face in a week. Once you can spot where your problems are, you will easier find proper ways to generate the same outcomes in a much shorter time. 

Never ghost your candidates

Be transparent in your communication and recruiting process, even with unqualified candidates. Make sure they are in the know and have the right expectations about what you can offer them. Being grateful and professional with all candidates is the best way to promote your business’s positive image and keep them in your talent pool.

If you tend to get in a sweat whenever it comes to rejection, though, here are 5 advice for recruiters to turn down candidates gracefully.

Write your job post as a marketer

Can your company’s recruiting announcement easily stand out from a sea of online job posts and attract top talents? If you can’t say yes to this question, you’re probably losing your ideal candidates.

It’s time to act and put an end to this unpleasant story. Study your target candidates to know where they are present online, which platform they prefer to use in their job search or which tone in writing can effectively appeal them. Then, review and update your job posts accordingly to ensure they are all attractive.

If you need more advice, read our article here for tips to craft more compelling job posts to attract talents.

Build your employer brand

Employer brand is how the public – including your partners, clients, candidates, and employees - perceives you as a potential employer. Your reputation determines if your potential new hires will accept the job offers, or your current employees are willing to stick around longer.

Hence, work on your employer brand this year. Design a candidate-friendly recruitment process, in which prioritize the candidate experiences. Likewise, consider building an informative and lively company’s career page, where people can learn about your culture and daily work life. Tell your brand stories and showcase your recruiting or engaging activities to authenticate that you’re a great place to work.

Turn to a headhunting service

It’s truly a challenge to find your best fits in the competitive and candidate-driven market in recent years. Fortunately, now you have another approach that can reach out to a broader talent pool, while still able to keep the recruitment stress-free.

With a good understanding of the labor market and industry, a headhunting agency can assist you in managing your workforce and let you focus on your business objectives. In case you remain skeptical about how headhunters can profit your business, check out 4 vital benefits of headhunting service here.

Bottom line

2020 is set to be another challenging year for all Talent Acquisition teams, so stay positive and make yourself master these resolutions to get all potential candidates through the door and let 2020 is your best year so far!

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