How RPO brings agility & efficiency to high-volume hiring needs

Case Studies

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As an MNC leader in the Financial Services sector, our client looked for a reliable partner to meet their high-volume hiring requirements in short turnaround times during peak season and be agile to adapt to the aggressive change of their business. To achieve this, we implemented a fully interpreted RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) project to address their whole hiring process, from candidate sourcing to onboarding.

Client Overview

Our client is an MNC in the financial services industry with thousands of employees working all over the country.

The challenges

Our client wants to focus on improving their business model and driving revenue. They aim for a lean organization and outsource most of their supporting functions, including HR.

Expected outcomes are optimized HR management process, and reduced expenses and time-to-hire while maintaining a good employee experience and employer brand.

Besides ensuring the quality of hires, they also require a scalable solution to respond quickly to the high volume requests that can change dramatically in an instant. In fact, the total of job requests in several months has increased by more than 2 times compared to the initial plan.

Our solutions

We build a new RPO team, including 1 Recruitment Manager, 2 Recruiters, and 2 Support Staff. This RPO team is integrated with our client’s internal process, based on-site, and works directly with the client’s Hiring Manager to promptly fulfill the recruitment demand.

In addition, Adecco Project Manager works closely with the RPO team and has monthly meetings to ensure RPO performance and provide needed support from Adecco. Meanwhile, the Project Manager also frequently catches up with the client’s Talent Acquisition Manager and business stakeholders to gather feedback for improvement.

By forecasting future needs and analyzing potential gaps in terms of the candidate pool, we can proactively identify and plan key positions, propose changes in many processes, and build a data pool for in-demand and high-turnover roles.

The results

Despite launching this project amid the 4th COVID-19 wave and dealing with many challenges in engaging with the client and RPO team during the lockdown, we successfully met our client’s expectations.

The first year of the project was summarized with more than 320 positions being filled, the on-time hiring rate was 70% and only 3% of employees left during probation. With our proven recruitment strategies and continuous improvement, client's satisfaction level reaches 80%.

We look forward to continuing to enhance RPO service quality and deliver better client satisfaction in the years to come.

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