Utilizing Reference Check to make informed hiring decisions

Case Studies

Read on to understand how we handle abundant Reference Check requests at once while ensuring high service quality.

Client overview

An MNC operating in 10 Asian countries

The challenges

Intending to enhance recruitment efficiency, along with the constantly changing workforce, our client is more conscious about choosing the perfect matches. They aim to make an informed decision about each candidate by conducting a Reference Check during their probation period. In 2021 we processed an average of 16 cases per month. This undoubtedly creates a high request volume and a tight schedule to deliver reports.

While handling abundant requests at once, ensuring a good employee experience and maintaining the employer's brand image is always a priority for our clients as well as ours.

Our solutions

We build a Reference Check Team, including 1 Account Lead and 2 Account Executives. The Account Lead works directly with our clients, responsible for the report review and submission, addressing issues/queries, also ensuring service quality and outstanding customer experience.

Account Executives conduct the Reference Check Procedures. To fill a detailed report,  they collect necessary information from candidates,  verify degrees with educational institutes, and gain feedback from referees. All steps must follow a set timeline to ensure meeting all deadlines and avoid any inconvenience to the candidates and their former colleagues and managers. 

The results

Our client expresses their satisfaction through continuing to use our service for years and extending service contract without any complaints on the service delivery.

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