Top 4 talent acquisition trends you need to watch out now!

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Trends in talent acquisition are not always apparent. So, if you don’t want to regret missing out on something cool, check out our list here.

With talent acquisition, trends don’t just come and go like they’re on Tiktok. They rather come and stay for a long haul. But one thing remains true - whoever catches the wave early will be more likely to win. And in the war for talent, everyone wants to be the winner.

Do you?

Let’s look into the crystal ball and see the emerging talent acquisition trends that will drive our future of recruitment.

The emphasis on job security in employer branding

In LinkedIn research on employer branding, more than 70% of respondents agreed that the employer brand does impact the hiring process. And 75% of candidates admit that they study the employer brand before applying.

So, the employer brand isn’t just a buzzword. It truly works. The question is, how to boost your employer brand effectively?

With the emergence of COVID-19 and the historical massive unemployment, today’s job seekers want more than just monthly paychecks. They strive for career advancement, work flexibility, and of course, job security. That’s what you should highlight in your branding strategy.

Work with your current employees, who are the best advocates you can have. Promote the journey – how it is to work and grow with your business - not just the beginning. It helps to filter the culture-fit right from the pre-selection and aid your retention rate.

Recruitment Marketing

Adecco talent acquisition - recruitment marketing

Simply put, this strategy involves marketing tactics and methods in your recruitment process. Instead of driving people to pay for your products or services, now you inspire them to spend efforts applying for your vacancies.

Like marketing funnel, here’s we also have a recruitment marketing funnel:

  • Build awareness of your brand.
  • Attract attention from top talents.
  • Increase their interest in working with you.
  • Motivate them to apply.
  • Once they applied, nurture them just like what your marketing team does with business leads.

Probably you’ve been using some marketing techniques before, for example, running Facebook job ads. But now, let’s say, this is a more strategic and exhaustive approach. Analyze the profile of your ideal candidates. Work on employer branding, as mentioned above. Write truly engaging content. Optimize your career site. Run email marketing campaigns. Collect data. Build a talent pipeline and community. The list goes on, depending on your capability and specific needs.

The rise of Artificial Intelligence

AI has been a hot button for years, and since the COVID-19 outbreak, people are now increasingly taking notice of virtual work and digital workflows. A survey reveals that 36% of HR experts expect more extensive use of AI in the next 2 years.

AI helps in many ways. Auto-screening technology can eliminate unqualified applications in the early stage. Skill assessments paint a more complete picture of candidates’ suitability. Chatbots free your time answering FAQs from candidates and new hires. AI also provides analytics on the conversation, facial expression, and behavior to conclude without bias.

But AI isn’t risk-free. With some people, interacting with bots is impersonal, so it may turn people away. There’s also concern about their personal data while “talking” to a machine. The budget to implement AI tools is also a headache. Before purchasing anything hi-tech, make sure you know how it works and benefits your talent acquisition practice.

Hiring Generation Z

Adecco talent acquisition - hire Gen Z

Generation Z – aka Gen Z or Centennials - refers to the demographic cohort that was born from 1995 to 2010. They’re new to the workforce, mainly in internships or entry-level positions now. Yet slowly and inevitably, they will become the largest generation in our labor market.

How hiring Gen Z will be any different?

Unlike preceding generations, most Gen Zers are digital native and mobile-first. They communicate via social media, video calls, and text messages. Nearly half of them looking for career information on social media sources. They quickly catch up with the latest technology trends. So, it’s not surprising that they’ll go for the tech-savvy. If your hiring method is out-of-date, you’re likely to lose more than 50% of Gen Z talents.

Plus, our CEOs in 2050 Survey shows that Gen Z values soft skills over technical skills - mostly focus on Emotional Intelligence, Creativity, and Self-awareness. Aside from financial benefits, they also seek for development opportunities and clear growth paths when making career choices.

Want to attract them? It’s time to adapt your talent acquisition strategy to the Gen Z mindset.

Now you have it, the top 4 talent acquisition trends that you should keep in mind from now on.  

It isn’t a standard though, as there’re always controversies with “what’s hot and what’s not”. But to some extent, here we have an overview of the future recruitment landscape that we’ll be a part of it. So, use our list here as your inspiration to work on a better - and happier - hiring experience!

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