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Findings from the 5th Annual Career Survey of Children Living in Vietnam

Doctor Remains The Top Career Choice For Children In Vietnam

January 12, 2016 Survey/Research

Adecco Children’s Career Survey 2015 - Doctor remains the top career choice for children living in Vietnam

Doctor remains the top career choice for children living in Vietnam

January 02, 2015 Survey/Research

White Paper: Generation Z – The Next Generation Of Workers In Asia

Generation Z ('Gen Z') is the most disruptive generation in modern history. Instead of waiting for ideas to filter through the generations that came before them, Gen Z are go-getters and trendsetters.

April 07, 2014 Survey/Research

Key Success Factors for Individual Development & Holistic Management towards the ASIAN Economic Community (AEC 2015)

This joint research is based on the collaborative project of ABAC-ODI and ADECCO Thailand. It shows which competencies and skills are critical, most urgent and needed for the industry and also provide recommendations for Organization Development Interventions.

March 14, 2014 Survey/Research

Findings from the 3rd Annual Adecco Career Survey of Children living in Vietnam in 2014

An annual “Adecco Children’s Career Survey 2014” of children living in Vietnam has again revealed that becoming a Doctor is the top career choice amongst Vietnamese school children. Also, they believe that it is more important to ‘spend time with family’ than ‘making lots of money’ – showing that our children care about family bonding instead of financial wealth.

January 08, 2014 Survey/Research

New Findings from an Annual Adecco Career Survey of Children Living in Vietnam in 2013

Vietnam in 2013 Adecco Vietnam launches its annual Survey of what children in Vietnam dream of in terms of career. The survey reveals that being to be a Doctor is the most popular career‟s choice, followed closely by becoming a Teacher or Police Officer.

January 07, 2013 Survey/Research