5 habits of a successful headhunter

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What makes a successful headhunter? Check out the 5 habits that we train our new recruits at Adecco to deliver wow to both our clients & candidates.

Being a headhunter requires you to communicate with many people daily and serve them to the best of your ability. Some days, the job can be dynamic. Some days, you find it difficult to be productive and deliver excellent services. Then, how can you be excel at your work?

These habits you will surely help you become a better headhunter:

Focus on the candidates

Customer experience is important to all service industries. When it comes to recruiting, your customers are not only the companies but also your candidates. If you take no account of the candidate experience in the whole hiring process, you may let your prospects fall through the cracks, and at worst, leave a bad reputation for your headhunting firm. 
Optimize candidate experience might not as complicated as you thought. Always keep in mind what the candidates need and tailor your communication to meet their desires. For instance, you can send them personalized feedback on the application materials or after the interview. If they’re currently employed, ask for their suitable time slot before conducting the phone interview. Also, make sure you only send them positions that follow their career plans.

Track your applicants

Have you ever noticed how your Marketing Department track their business leads? When you become a headhunter, you will need to do the same technique with your applicants.
The main purpose of this practice is to identify some basic metrics of your candidates, such as the channels they know your headhunting service, the information they were provided or their performance in the recruitment process. From the analyzing report, you can figure out which platform or channels bring you the top talents and make a better decision on the budget control and job advertisement later. Likewise, closely track your candidates’ data to ensure that you will not skip out on qualified candidates, especially for the absent-minded.

Turn off your push notifications

The Productivity Survey 2019 from Adecco Vietnam shows that email and phone notifications are 2 of the 3 main distraction factors in the workplace. Meanwhile, staying productive will boost your mood and allow you to perform better at work.
With most headhunters, constantly following up emails, calls or messages from candidates can make the workday irritating. Instead of being frustrated and having little or no completed task, you can disable your notifications and only check your emails or messages at a certain time in your working hours. In urgent circumstances, people will give you a direct phone call in lieu of waiting for your reply via email or text message.

Be detail-oriented to become a great headhunter

Become a headhunter means you need to focus on details. While working with candidates, you need to send them all the information about the position and the business they will possibly join, as detailed as possible. They should know about the job’s responsibilities, company culture, overall growth strategies, also the realistic drawbacks associated with the role since sooner or later, they will expose to all of these. Do you want to recruit a replacement at your own cost in the guaranteed period?  
To paint a big picture of the hiring company, you need to learn about your client first. Make sure you understand their industry, business model, future plans, culture or their expectations for a vacancy. Spare no effort to find as many details as you can, then you can connect the alike clients and candidates in the minimum amount of time.

Stay in touch

There’s a chance that your current candidates can be your referrals or clients someday, so stay connected with them.
It’s no need to be formal all the time. Before their first day at work, you can maintain personal contact for last-minute support. During the induction program at the hiring company or a few months after they have landed the job, you should approach casually to keep updating with their integration status. This habit also helps you record whether your works result in a success for the new recruits and yourself.


Your big achievements can start with your little changes in everyday work. Hence, let’s practice these habits from now on to prepare for your future success.
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