Why Adecco is one of reliable HR outsourcing firms in Vietnam?

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A survey from People Management states 50% of HR professionals feel extremely stressed around 1-3 times a month because of work, does this sound right to you? As an HR outsourcing firm in Vietnam, we understand how busy you are to ensure all processes are carried out timely and correctly. You may have repeatedly failed to reduce the workload while continuing a steady efficiency with limited human resources. This time, why don’t you change your tack with outsourcing solution?

Let’s see why you should choose Adecco HR outsourcing firm as a reliable business partner in Vietnam:

Save your time with our 360o services

We understand that the HR department is overwhelmed day-to-day, but as a business, you need to invest in functions that can increase the value of your employees and boost the company profit. Adecco Vietnam will assist you in keeping your business moving in this right direction.

We provide you with 360o human resources services, from recruiting permanent placement, hiring temporary staff to outsourcing across all payroll functions. We clearly understand your personal status and unique needs, so you will get our response in the shortest time. Imagine using our headhunting service, when you only need to involve in the final interviews to cherry-pick from most promising candidates. Then, you no longer spend time sending the new comer’s information to another outsourcing firm to process employee classification, contract procedures, payroll or tax calculation, since we already got your back.

The valuable time saved from thousands of administrative and problem-solving tasks is yours to refocus on other revenue-generating activities. Your team now can work on strategies to build L&D programs, improve employees’ happiness at work, increase employee engagement and manage turnover rate – which highly alarmed by 24% in 2019, according to Vietnam Best Places to Work survey. Along with our support in operations, your dedication in human development will result in a healthy retention rate and ensure sustaining high-performance teams - which will surefire drive profitability.  

Also, in case you are concerned about the lack of team morale when using an outsourcing service, our representatives will work right in your office. They will be able to keep an eye on HR processes and respond promptly to relevant requirements.

Let a global firm provide you with stable and compliant services

A global firm can protect your business reputation and ensure the stability of the services. Our information security policies, compliance, and global network ensure that Adecco is a reliable provider to protect you from legal issues, cybercrimes or all unexpected situations.

As you already have too much on your plate, it’s likely impossible to keep up with and adapt to continuous legal changes. It’s time to leave it for the pros in the industry. Our experts familiar with the state employment laws, each industry regulations and actively update all the latest related changes. They will advise you on policy adjustments to avoid all possible expensive legal penalties. We all know that failure to comply with the regulations will not only cost you a fortune but also discreditable to your business in a competitive market. So, we are here to save your money and reputation.

Meanwhile, as a global HR outsourcing firm in Vietnam, Adecco can guarantee stability in every service we provide. Our specialized payroll system ensures accuracy and confidentiality in all calculations. There will be no information leakage or wrong payment that requires you more time to tackle. We also maintain transparency in cooperation and reporting as we believe this is vital to ensure a long-term and satisfied relationship with you.

Then, when your business flourish and expand to other countries, more than 55 Adecco overseas branches are already there to give you a hand. Whenever you are, we will be there for you!

Reduce your workload and be happier!

As there’s no more multi-tasking and tremendous pressure, outsourcing is a leap to be happier in work and daily life.

Most of the HR professionals are just like you, juggling with recruitment, training, C&B, legal compliance, employee retention, employee engagement, admin and office activities. You also have frequent discussions about employees’ personal issues in the workplace and the responsibility to seek solutions for personnel-related matters. No wonder why research shows that more than 60% of HR professionals struggle to manage their workload and 37% experience extremely stressed at least 4 times per month. The practice of multi-tasking will reduce your productivity by 40%, then how you can stay efficient at work?

Once those time-consuming procedures have been released, you and your team can focus on individual expertise and professional development – which plays a crucial role in employee retention, according to our Career choice and Work motivation survey. For example, if you oversee L&D programs, you can focus on building training strategies, including hard and soft skills, specialized for each audience instead of general sessions for everyone.

Then, it will be easier for you to maintain work-life balance. You will gain more motivation and satisfaction at work while still able to enjoy your personal life with loved ones. Your happy team members also tend to stick around longer and be more productive. Consequently, the team’s performance will be significantly improved, and pay rise or bonus is no more out of your league.

Still hesitate about outsourcing with Adecco?

We know this is a tough decision, but let’s see how Adecco’s clients say about our services to have a clearer picture of our world-class quality. Here are researches that truly prove the efficiency of HR outsourcing: working with HR outsourcing can save your HR budget by 32%, according to a report from PwC. This number can even be up to 40% as in the case of Shell Oil after 4 years of outsourcing. In terms of business growth, outsource some HR functions are likely to grow 7 - 9% faster

You don’t have to make the decision right now! Contact us for more detailed discussions on how we can help you manage your workforce effectively.

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