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Technology is the future of work. For employees, it’s crucial to be tech-savvy to ensure employability in today’s fast-paced market. For employers, upskilling your workforce with tech skills is always among the top choices to improve productivity and save cost.

For those reasons, Adecco Vietnam introduces our tailored courses to equip you/your workforce with the latest and in-demand digital skills. All training courses are provided by Adecco’s seasoned experts and our diverse network of partners.

What we offer:


  • Machine Learning: A hands-on course to delve into the theory and practice of statistical machine learning. Learn when and how to use the most common machine learning algorithms, how to evaluate their performance, and how they work.
  • Full-stack Web Development: An all-in course to build modern web applications. Focus on providing real-world examples, highlighted by a final capstone project covering all the main use cases like authentication, fully functional REST APIs, databases with migrations, and deployment.
  • Data Analysis: Focus on fundamentals of Data Analytics: SQL, classical Programming in Python, Data Visualization, Data Manipulation, and Google Data Studio. Most of the time is spent practicing and considering topics and concepts of data processing.


Master the latest digital approaches, platforms, and tools to bring your products/services to the market with success. From basic concepts to advanced topics, namely SEO, SEM, social media, Paid Advertising, Email marketing, etc. We can tailor everything to best suit your needs.


Bring your team closer to the future of work by empowering them with the latest digital tools such as MS Office, Communication Tools, task management software, and other enterprise resource planning tools (ERP). Course content can be customized according to your specific goals.

What you’ll get:

As businesses

  As individuals

- Expert’s consulting on your workforce status and performance.

- Tailored programs and content for your unique workforce.

- Speed up your digitalization process, significantly improve employees’ productivity.

- Flexible options for date and venue.

- Timely support pre and post-training.

- Personalized learning path.

- Detailed insights from top-notch experts in the field.

- Practical knowledge that you can apply immediately.

- Hands-on real-world projects for your portfolio/CV.

Why Adecco

1. We are a global expert in the HR industry - With 660,000 people on assignments in 3,800 branches around the world.

2. We know the market - With 12+ years of experience in Vietnam, we understand every segment & industry in the market.

3. We are people-centric - We make sure every client, colleague, and associate can grow and thrive with us.

4. We provide a full-service package – Ensure you the most convenience.

5. We are flexibleA variety of courses are ready for you to choose from and complete.

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