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Adecco Vietnam General Staffing Service.

One day you need hundreds of people immediately to ramp up your business continuity. No matter what kind of day you’re having, we’ve got you back with our general staffing service. 


We know – it’s hard enough finding one good employee but to hire at a regional or national scale is such a huge task that we would like to shoulder with you. With our network of qualified candidates, we can get you the people you need. Let’s work together on a staffing plan and find the people that work best for your needs and your budget.


Why temporary staffing? Well, because it helps save you time and money. It adds flexibility and increases productivity. Also, it’s an efficient way to enhance your workforce and close the skill gaps. So, why not, right?


Need fresh talents? No problem. We partner with leading universities and well-known youth organizations to build a carefully screened database of over 15, 000 + qualified young professionals with 1-3 years of experience, all ready to make a move for the right opportunity – your opportunity.

When to choose Adecco General Staffing Service

 Limit on headcount
Your organization does not have many permanent headcounts

 Back up for Sick Leave/Maternity
Continuous support for your employees on leave

 Business Outsourcing Strategy
Your internal business strategy to put certain roles under an external vendor

 High Turnover
Certain roles within your organization need regular intensive recruitment support

 Temporary Project Basis
Roles are engaged on temporary project basis within your organization

 Set up a new legal entity
Your organization does not have full capacity for employee administration


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